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Drupes Pedros Dupers Prosed Dopers Prudes Pursed Perdus Ponder Souped Pouted Pseudo Stoped Poured Adopts Rouped Depots Posted Despot Ported Pardon Deport Punned Panned Dopant Redtop Pernod Spored Depart Soaped Punted Pounds Upsend Upends Pentad Repand Pedant Panted Pruned Sendup Parted Spread Spader Spared Petard Prated Purdas Update Paused Pasted Updart Adepts Rasped Parsed Pander Drapes Padres Arpent Stupor Sprout Enrapt Teopan Arpens Paeons Unstop Topers Stoper Respot Tropes Poseur Taupes Uprose Uptear Uprate Pareus Trapes Pauser Poster Repots Presto Pouter Roupet Purest Unsnap Erupts Sannup Nonpar Sannop Aprons Parson Uptore Troupe Pantos Tarpon Parton Patron Tapers Repast Pontes Netops Sprent Operas Soaper Pareos Trepan Parent Patens Peanut Protea Prunes Parous Sapour Pastor Paster Prates Paters Upsoar Upsent Putons Sapote Punter Puntos Unstep Uptorn Entrap Unpens Punner Unopen Ponent Panner Punnet Unpent Person Pannes Nursed Sunder Turned Rounds Donuts Untrod Rotund Trends Nudest Tendus Sorned Undoer Stroud Undoes Stound Enduro Rodent Redout Detour Routed Toused Ousted Toured Uredos Tunned Strode Stored Doters Sorted Sunned Dunner Roused Soured Tendon Douser Undone Stoned Snored Rusted Redons Drones Duster Rudest Sonder Oreads Adores Sundae Staned Sarode Soared Daters Autoed Orated Unread Ranted Atoned Anodes Duenna Tanned Donate Denars Ardent Snared Sander Redans Derats Stared Daunts Tundra Douras Strand Soudan Donnas Sauted Treads Trades Adnoun Adorns Around Radons Andros Urates Unrent Unsent Tronas Neuron Nonets Sonnet Tonner Routes Souter Stoure Outers Ouster Nonuse Suntan Tonnes Tenons Natron Nonart Sonant Tenour Rouens Toners Trones Oaters Tensor Tenors Nature Astern Sterna Noters Stoner Nestor Unseat Orates Tuners Unrest Osetra Arouse Untorn Antres Turnon Arseno Anenst Tauons Senora Atones Ornate Atoner Tanner Outran Reason Santur

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Adept Spaed Pated Taped Spued Spade Raped Drape Padre Pared Dupes Urped Prude Perdu Duper Drupe Drops Prods Dorps Dropt Paned Updos Proud Ponds Pound Pseud Dopas Spado Adopt Roped Pends Spend Pedro Purda Toped Pards Doper Upend Pored Dopes Apods Posed Opted Depot Spode Proas Praos Prone Pesto Poets Unpen Estop Stope Trope Repot Apron Unapt Punas Toper Pants Panto Topes Netop Pones Stupa Sputa Peons Opens Repos Ropes Prose Poser Pores Spore Aport Sapor Spent Traps Praus Supra Pruta Tarps Parts Prune Prats Sprat Strap Strep Arpen Strop Aspen Napes Sneap Peans Panes Neaps Penna Panne Pouts Roups Paeon Pours Spean Paten Apers Porns Psoae Paseo Apres Asper Prase Pears Parse Pares Pareo Opera Ports Prost Sport Punts Punto Puton Spurn Spout Stoup Spurt Turps Presa Taupe Pates Pareu Erupt Pause Rapes Peats Prest Tepas Tapes Spate Septa Upset Paste Spare Spear Apter Reaps Sprue Super Peart Pater Setup Purse Taper Prate Stupe Rands Nards Stand Rodes Resod Rosed Sored Redos Doser Doers Donas Darns Sarod Darts Tends Dents Dunes Nudes Tendu Trend Duras Nuder Under Tuned Datos Doats Doura Tardo Dorsa Roads Radon Toads Daunt Trode Round Sedan Saned Deans Udons Sound Nodus Anted Adore Duets Oared Oread Donut Durns Denar Redan Sudor Duros Anode Turds Dunts Nurds Durst Trued Dures Sated Stade Dotes Douse Outed Dates Doest Uredo Donna Adorn Doter Stead Tsade Tread Dares Dears Rased Druse Drest Reads Rated Tared Trade Derat Dater Andro Drats Donne Nodes Nosed Sonde Noted Adust Rends Nerds Dauts Toned Redon Drone Roset Terns Stern Trues Rents Nerts Rotes Store Rouse Roues Turns Euros Tuner Tonus Runes Nurse Tores Torse Unset Tunes Snort Tones Nonet Tenon Tonne Stone Steno Trone Toner Tenor Noter Routs Rouen Seton Onset Notes Outer Stour Route Touse Snore Outre Nouns Roust Tours Senor Torus Runts Neons Nones Snout Autos Saner Snare Stane Toras Taros Neats Nates Antre Antes Etnas Nares Sutra Atone Oaten Earns Aeons Anent Senna Usnea Sorta Nonas Aster Rates Sunna Arson Trona Sonar Roans Resat Stare Ureas Ursae Urate Urase Aures Tares Saute Tears Santo Tauon Orate Stoae Oater Arose Rotas Roast Ratos Toeas Tunas Rants Tarns Trans Aunts Nears

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Pond Dups Pods Puds Dorp Updo Prod Drop Pend Spud Peds Sped Dope Oped Dupe Aped Apod Dopa Pads Daps Pard Sept Pest Pets Spur Pert Step Purs Urps Pure Nope Open Supe Tops Peon Pone Pout Soup Peso Opus Opes Pose Spue Tope Poet Stop Puts Tups Reps Apse Spot Upas Apes Prau Past Pats Taps Spat Punt Spun Spae Puns Peas Pase Trap Pent Reap Rape Pens Pear Pore Soap Apos Atop Proa Repo Rope Pare Pars Part Prat Tarp Rapt Pons Prao Rasp Raps Spar Aper Porn Upon Tepa Pans Tape Naps Port Opts Post Pots Roup Epos Pour Trop Snap Pant Puna Pros Span Nape Neap Pate Pean Pane Peat Urds Surd Dust Turd Stud Ouds Udos Duos Dots Tods Dost Node Dart Drat Trad Sard Rads Dato Doat Toad Dura Tads Daut Soda Dans Duet Odas Sued Dons Ands Darn Nard Rand Dues Teds Dote Odes Dose Toed Reds Rued Rude Dure Nods Udon Dors Dean Odea Dare Rods Sord Duro Dour Trod Dear Read Durn Undo Dona Nurd Duns Sade Date Dunt Does Used Dune Tend Dent Nude Unde Doer Sand Send Ends Done Road Ados Orad Nerd Dens Rend Dore Sned Redo Rode Erst Rest Ares Arse Sear Rase Eras Ears Rets Rues Stun Sure Suer Sera Ruse Tres Turn Tare Rate Rust Tear Ruts Ates Urea Urns Orts Runs Anes Tors Sort Rots Nuts Oust Nous Aero Outs Toes Toea Unto Onus Neat Etna Tons Torn Rout Sorn Ante Tour Ours Sunn Nuns Tuns Sour Suet Sane True Snot User Aeon Runt Noun Near Earn Utes Seta Erns Auto Taos Stoa Tora Oast Tone Ones Nose Sone Rats Note Arts Taro Rota Sora Tune Soar Osar Tuna Oars Tens Sent Tern Rent Rato Rune Nets Nest Noes Eons Neon None Ursa Taus Sura Tsar Star Tars Utas Aunt Oats Rose Teas Seat Tore Rote Sore Anon Naos Roan Nota Nans Rant Nona Tarn Sate Ores Anus Roue Eros Roes Tans Euro Eats Etas Ants East

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Definition of the word Pentandrous, Meaning of Pentandrous word :
a. - Of or pertaining to the class Pentadria, having five stamens.

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