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Hypha Psych Hitch Itchy Techy Ephah Phyla Heapy Haply Chyle Chays Yechs Yacht Cheth Hatch Hypes Phyle Sylph Pithy Hiply Caphs Chaps Patch Chapt Pechs Chape Cheap Peach Spacy Cheep Pitch Typic Spicy Pacey Chips Lathy Yeahs Heath Shily Hylas Shaly Hasty Heths Ethyl Licht Tipsy Shlep Sheep Seepy Peaty Apish Phial Lytic Stich Spahi Helps Aphis Chits Plash Leech Pesty Types Letch Yelps Techs Chest Piths Ethic Eches Chile Chiel Sycee Lycee Patsy Pasty Staph Yipes Piety Paths Slype Patly Platy Typal Aptly Splay Palsy Plays Thesp Chase Aches Laich Lacey Acyls Chais Lycea Scaly Theca Aleph Clays Shape Teach Tachs Chela Phase Tache Cheat Ephas Chias Latch Clash Heaps Payee Chats Leach Aitch Sepic Cepes Spice Epics Picas Pical Plica Claps Clasp Scalp Clapt Spica Aspic Clepe Pacts Scape Epact Space Paces Capes Place Clipt Clips Clept Peace Piece Seely Tyees Slaty Heist Salty Lithe Yetis Laity Shiel Heils Lathi Lethe Styli Heels Silty Sheet These Hilts Lyase Saith Haste Hales Laith Hates Hails Heals Halts Laths Style Shalt Haets Leash Selah Lathe Yeast Heats Shale Sheal Speel Eclat Cleat Sleep Celts Telic Talcs Cetes Peels Taces Peles Clast Slice Tical Salic Alecs Peise Ceils Cesti Scale Cates Laics Cites Elect Laces Cesta Caste Speil Spate Septa Tapes Tepas Peats Pates Paste Cease Slipt Sepia Paise Pieta Leaps Lapse Pilea Pales Peals Plate Petal Pleat Tepal Spilt Split Palet Lepta Salep Pleas Sepal Spale Leapt Ileac Plats Splat Pease Plies Slipe Spait Tapis Spile Spiel Steep Saice Pitas Piles Pails Spail Plait Slept Spelt Etape Pelts Lapis Stipe Spite Piste Steal Slate Stale Setal Tails Alist Litas Setae Teals Tales Taels Islet Istle Tesla Tiles Stile Stela Telia Telae Teles Teels Aisle Stele Steel Sleet Leets Tease Elate Lease Least Easel Elite

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Definition of the word Paleichthyes, Meaning of Paleichthyes word :
n. pl. - A comprehensive division of fishes which includes the elasmobranchs and ganoids.

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