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Cooch Coach Couch Chics Chica Chico Curch Cache Chide Chord Chard Chads Ached Codec Ochre Chose Echos Ocher Chore Ruche Chiro Cohos Hocus Crush Cuish Chiru Choir Ichor Chare Reach Aches Chase Chiao Chars Chaos Crash Sauch Roach Orach Chair Chais Chias Achoo Hosed Occur Shoed Cocos Crocs Herds Cisco Sherd Cosec Secco Cusec Ceric Hared Cerci Shred Hoods Hurds Croci Hider Hired Hides Circa Horde Cocas Sidhe Shied Shade Oohed Cocoa Hades Deash Heads Dashi Ashed Shard Sadhu Hards Odahs Hoard Heard Sadhe Cased Daces Acrid Caids Codas Cadis Asdic Caird Daric Acids Disco Share Shier Hours Hoise Heirs Cider Cried Cured Duces Scrod Crude Duroc Coude Douce Creds Cords Shear Sodic Scudi Decos Coeds Cooed Coder Dices Cedis Dicer Riced Cards Cored Credo Scudo Codes Cruds Decor Curds Hires Acred Arced Rheas Ohias Shore Shoer Hoers Heros Horse Hoser House Hairs Surah Horas Usher Hoars Cadre Houri Cared Raced Cedar Roshi Cades Shire Hares Hears Coirs Cooer Ceros Cores Ureic Curie Cires Cries Rices Corse Score Cures Curse Ecrus Sucre Cruse Cosie Curio Scour Scaur Arcus Sauce Cause Carse Cares Acres Escar Scare Serac Curia Auric Orcas Coria Races Saice Erica Areic Ceria Ocrea Ursid Aider Dures Druse Doers Rodeo Sired Dries Resid Rides Doser Redos Uredo Douse Sored Rosed Resod Rodes Aides Aside Ideas Adieu Redia Irade Eidos Deair Aired Adore Dears Sarod Doura Roads Dorsa Roods Duras Adios Audio Radio Aroid Odour Sudor Raids Duros Reads Doors Odors Rased Ordos Oared Oread Dares Osier Oorie Rouse Roues Sieur Roose Euros Ourie Aures Auris Urase Ursae Ureas Raise Aurei Arise Uraei Serai Arose

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Definition of the word Orchidaceous, Meaning of Orchidaceous word :
a. - Pertaining to, or resembling, a natural order (Orchidaceae) of endogenous plants of which the genus Orchis is the type. They are mostly perennial herbs having the stamens and pistils united in a single column, and normally three petals and three sepals, all adherent to the ovary. The flowers are curiously shaped, often resembling insects, the odd or lower petal (called the lip) being unlike the others, and sometimes of a strange and unexpected appearance. About one hundred species occur in the United States, but several thousand in the tropics.

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