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Proso Supra Strap Praus Traps Spoor Tarps Sopor Stupa Spent Troop Prune Sprat Stoop Sputa Ports Topos Pruta Aport Spout Stoup Pouts Roups Pours Spore Ropes Prose Turps Poser Spurt Pores Panto Sport Strop Prost Parts Sapor Proas Punas Pants Unapt Praos Prats Punto Strep Netop Prest Topes Stope Spree Speer Purse Sprue Perse Prees Prese Poets Peter Pones Prone Peons Trope Toper Puree Pesto Rupee Steep Estop Super Erupt Penes Peens Neeps Punts Preen Spurn Puton Opens Porns Porno Peres Upset Stupe Setup Peers Repot Snoop Spoon Poons Repos Topee Pears Prase Etape Parse Pares Apres Asper Pease Perea Spare Spear Reaps Taupe Rapes Apers Paseo Psoae Pareo Apron Opera Paeon Apter Presa Peans Sneap Pareu Pater Peart Prate Spean Paten Paste Panes Taper Neaps Spate Tapes Arpen Pause Tepas Septa Aspen Napes Pates Peats Tores Enter Rouse Torse Euros Autos Roues Outer Ratos Roast Roose Antes Unset Rotas Sorta Store Touse Toras Taros Route Earns Urase Nares Nears Snare Saner Ureas Antre Aeons Roset Atone Aures Ursae Urate Oaten Rotes Saree Sonar Arene Roans Ranee Trona Tauon Santo Arson Routs Roust Stour Torus Tours Saute Snout Snort Tonus Tunes Runts Toons Tease Trues Setae Eater Snoot Arete Turns Roost Rants Roots Rotos Torso Toros Tarns Trans Erase Tunas Aunts Enate Eaten Outre Rouen Rates Trone Toner Tares Stare Resat Aster Ernes Steno Stone Tones Seton Onset Sneer Notes Noter Ester Arose Toeas Stoae Oater Noose Orate Senor Snore Steer Reset Reest Stere Terse Sutra Reuse Trees Erose Tenor Nerts Rents Stern Etnas Nates Neats Terns Tears Treen Terne Rente Enure Sente Nurse Runes Stane Tuner Ensue Teens Tense Usnea

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Definition of the word Opertaneous, Meaning of Opertaneous word :
a. - Concealed, private.

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In Opertaneous O is 15th, P is 16th, E is 5th, R is 18th, T is 20th, A is 1st, N is 14th, U is 21st, S is 19th letters in Alphabet Series.