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Priers Potsie Postie Sprier Sopite Protei Pterin Puisne Supine Punier Purine Spinet Instep Unripe Sniper Ropier Poiser Pointe Ponies Ripens Repins Opines Report Pitons Piston Pintos Points Postin Sprint Prints Spinto Pinots Inpour Orpins Purest Erupts Prions Prison Tropin Spinor Purins Unrips Puntos Uptorn Upstir Putons Unstop Stupor Sprout Purist Irrupt Priors Inputs Turnip Prosit Ripost Pistou Tripos Purser Uptore Prunes Sprent Pontes Punter Unstep Proser Upsent Netops Person Sprite Ripest Priest Stripe Tripes Perron Uprise Repros Ropers Poseur Tropes Topers Uprose Pouter Troupe Roupet Stoper Respot Pourer Pretor Porter Repour Poster Repots Presto Esprit Pruner Preens Repent Poteen Perter Repute Rupees Purees Preset Peters Pester Peruse Peones Repine Repose Opener Topees Reopen Toupee Pereon Orpine Pernio Ironer Retuse Irones Outers Ouster Routes Souter Stoure Nosier Retire Insure Sirree Resite Reties Inures Ursine Urines Rusine Sorter Rouser Roster Retros Trines Resort Sourer Uniter Triune Tourer Router Tenuis Unties Unites Rutins Serine Eosine Serein Seiner Nereis Norite Suitor Orient Tonier Rester Terser Ureter Outsin Niters Nitres Sinter Triens Senior Ruiner Entire Retine Rinser Intros Turion Nitros Triene Estrin Inters Insert Rerise Soiree Inerts Storer Unrest Tuners Tenure Suiter Tureen Retune Neuter Triers Snorer Sorner Triose Turner Return Rioter Rosier Retore Nurser Enures Reruns Ensure Nestor Retorn Rentes Resent Tenser Renest Trones Stoner Ternes Treens Toners Tenour Stereo Tenors Tories Rerose Rouens Rerent Renter Tenues Outsee Tensor Nester Enters Sortie Noters

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Definition of the word Neuropteris, Meaning of Neuropteris word :
n. - An extensive genus of fossil ferns, of which species have been found from the Devonian to the Triassic formation.

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