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Mucid Maced Medic Demic Micas Mercs Umiac Micra Musca Scrum Music Cumin Manic Mucin Sumac Scrim Scram Crams Marcs Maces Amice Amnic Mesic Crime Acmes Cames Macer Cream Mince Derms Demur Denim Mined Mured Diram Mused Maids Amids Meads Dames Damns Drums Curds Cruds Murid Scudi Minds Duces Riced Cedis Dicer Cried Cider Dices Scend Crude Cured Creds Dunce Sedum Drams Maund Mudra Dumas Mauds Dunam Dream Aimed Amide Media Disme Mends Cards Asdic Acids Daric Cadis Caids Madre Adunc Acned Cared Caned Cedar Raced Daces Cased Cades Dance Acred Mired Cadre Arced Dimer Admen Derma Amend Deism Dimes Cnida Acrid Nicad Armed Rimed Menad Maned Canid Named Caird Rance Canes Inarm Scena Ureic Curie Acnes Miens Mires Emirs Scare Cires Miser Rimes Cines Nacre Nicer Cries Races Acres Rices Serac Miner Cares Since Escar Carse Mines Amuse Erica Arums Muras Ramus Manus Unarm Simar Mairs Amirs Mains Minas Crane Caner Smear Ceria Areic Saice Amins Manes Arcus Scaur Munis Minus Incus Mures Muser Reams Carns Serum Incur Runic Curns Narcs Ramen Namer Reman Sauce Cairn Cruse Naric Sucre Curse Cures Cause Mares Marse Maser Nemas Names Amens Manse Means Mensa Rumen Ecrus Curia Minae Anime Auric Cains Aimer Ramie Uncia Amies Neums Amine Menus Nides Diner Rends Dines Rides Resid Snide Dries Nudie Sired Nerds Indue Darns Nards Rands Raids Dinar Reads Rased Drain Nadir Ranid Duras Nuder Dears Dares Deans Redan Denar Saned Sedan Adieu Ideas Deair Aired Aider Irade Redia Aside Aides Ursid Rinds Nidus Nurds Nudes Under Dunes Dures Druse Durns Rinse Resin Risen Reins Ruins Serin Siren Inure Nurse Runes Sieur Urine Aures Earns Nares Saner Uraei Aurei Anise Arise Raise Serai Snare Usnea Rains Naris Ranis Sarin Nairu Airns Urase Ureas Ursae Unais Nears Auris

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Definition of the word Muscardine, Meaning of Muscardine word :
n. - A disease which is very destructive to silkworms, and which sometimes extends to other insects. It is attended by the development of a fungus (provisionally called Botrytis bassiana). Also, the fungus itself.

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