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Mesic Comes Culms Mulct Locum Melic Clime Camos Comas Comte Music Osmic Celom Sumac Musca Comet Camel Macle Micas Umiac Amice Malic Claim Cameo Maces Calms Comal Cames Clams Acmes Comae Lumas Cites Malts Telco Mauls Slice Smalt Molas Matts Ceils Socle Cutie Coles Cosie Louma Stoma Moats Oleic Telic Cesti Alums Atoms Close Items Mules Smelt Moste Motes Meous Tomes Smote Melts Oleum Stime Smite Mites Times Motel Metol Moles Moues Mouse Molts Mitts Omits Smolt Solum Mutts Motts Moult Moist Milts Totem Motte Motet Mutes Limos Moils Milos Metis Loams Oculi Lotic Coils Sulci Culti Cutis Stoic Scute Cutes Culet Luces Clues Coset Cotes Octet Escot Ictus Clots Ileum Smile Slime Emits Miles Limes Clout Locus Colts Cults Scout Celts Mauts Attic Matte Coati Aulic Amuse Teams Mates Calos Meats Satem Tames Steam Tical Salic Sauce Tacet Cause Taces Cates Cesta Miaul Acute Laics Tecta Limas Salmi Mails Coals Costa Tacos Coats Coast Amies Scatt Tacts Scuta Cotta Maile Email Amole Almes Cauls Talcs Clast Colas Octal Males Lames Meals Metal Ascot Ulema Caste Tacit Cleat Maist Tamis Scale Laces Saice Ileac Alecs Eclat Miaou Stott Lotte Louse Tolus Tilts Ousel Title Stilt Stout Touts Utile Lieus Ileus Tules Tutti Louts Lotus Etuis Suite Telos Stole Toles Toils Louis Lutes Totes Touse Toits Louie Tiles Latte Total Stoae Talus Sault Toeas Steal Stale Slate Setal Stela Taels Tesla Teals Tales Tails Stoat Saute Toast Autos Tauts Sutta Testa Teats Alist Litas Tates Taste State Least Lutea Toile Stoai Iotas Aisle Telia Atilt Islet Ostia Stile Teloi Solei Aloes Istle Altos Lotas Tolas

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Definition of the word Multicostate, Meaning of Multicostate word :
a. - Having numerous ribs, or costae, as the leaf of a plant, or as certain shells and corals.

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