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Humped Mopish Phloem Shlump Oomphs Phenom Pushed Mudhen Upheld Uphold Mushed Phoned Holdup Mehndi Hemoid Pished Modish Hooped Moshed Poohed Ephods Mopeds Mohels Hemins Holpen Phenol Holism Inmesh Mulish Spumed Polish Unhelm Phonos Inhume Homies Plumed Punish Helium Siphon Monish Unship Impend Lumped Sholom Podium Unmesh Dimple Impled Ouphes Limped Phones Unshod Dholes Lushed Housed Impone Hounds Noshed Unshed Shooed Impels Delish Shield Hoiden Honied Hondle Holden Simple Should Pileum Shined Oldish Hoodie Hoised Unhood Pumelo Pomelo Plenum Impose Lumpen Mispen Plumes Opiums Modulo Housel Souped Poinds Moulds Sendup Pseudo Isopod Upsend Upends Podsol Unipod Unmold Odiums Duomos Domino Moduli Osmund Mounds Isohel Pounds Nudism Holies Mondos Helios Hoolie Sodium Pooled Dipole Dispel Diploe Looped Poodle Sloped Louped Meloid Moiled Milden Limned Pulsed Misled Smiled Slimed Lisped Sliped Ponied Dolmen Loomed Opined Upside Poised Spined Sniped Domine Spiled Emodin Monied Seldom Models Medius Module Denims Menudo Mondes Demons Moused Odeums Mooned Lineup Lupine Poleis Polies Unpile Pilose Opines Muesli Melons Poison Oleums Pleons Loupen Pensil Posole Spinel Osmole Solemn Lemons Supine Puisne Pinole Lumens Spline Ponies Pileus Monies Lomein Oilmen Moline Eonism Molies Simnel Limens Muslin Simoon Somoni Polios Lupins Moulin Pilous Poilus Linums Loupes Noodle Doolie Indols Soiled Siloed Oldies Lodens Loosed Nodule Indole Louden Donsie Noised Indues Odious Unsold Iodous Onside Nudies Nodous Undies Odeons Noosed Nodose Undoes Oodles Souled Loused Soloed Insoul Oleins Solion Looies Louies Lunies Insole Lesion Eloins Loonie Loosen Ensoul

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Hemps Oomph Humps Humid Ephod Homed Hoped Holms Hilum Ouphe Unhip Homos Umped Plush Poohs Phons Phono Hoops Moped Ouphs Homes Imped Mensh Hemin Mohel Helms Shlep Helps Homie Phone Dumps Hopes Spume Pomes Mopes Hoods Hound Plume Impel Hinds Poems Holds Pomos Limps Lumps Opium Plums Slump Shied Shend Sidhe Hosed Shoed Dhole Holed Honed Hides Oohed Helio Disme Dimes Ponds Pound Modus Doums Spend Deism Pined Poods Updos Duomo Limed House Shone Hones Hosen Hoise Shine Heils Shiel Mined Denim Plied Piled Sheol Hosel Holes Helos Melds Mends Puled Dipso Muled Poind Duple Mooed Demos Shool Shuln Model Monde Minds Hilus Duomi Odium Misdo Demon Molds Mound Siped Spied Mondo Shoon Loped Moods Sodom Pends Milds Dooms Upend Poled Sedum Pooed Domes Pseud Dupes Mould Spued Modes Dopes Mused Plods Posed Spode Odeum Moils Milos Limos Linum Speil Spoon Snoop Spile Monie Poons Spiel Piles Plies Slipe Limns Monos Omens Menus Neums Lumen Nomes Meson Mools Moose Osmol Munis Spine Snipe Poise Lemon Solum Melon Looms Pious Pules Pulse Pleon Loupe Lopes Slope Poles Pelon Moles Pions Oleum Opsin Mules Pines Penis Moons Nomos Spoil Poilu Loups Mines Spool Miens Polis Muons Polio Lupin Sloop Pools Meous Moues Mouse Onium Opine Peins Minus Opens Peons Loops Polos Pilus Pulis Pones Nomoi Limes Smile Ileum Slime Miles Limen Ludes Soled Indue Slued Nidus Duels Snide Dulse Dinos Leuds Douse Odeon Nodes Looed Sonde Dunes Nudes Nosed Lends Unled Indol Doles Eidos Lodes Solid Soldi Diols Loden Olden Idols Sloid Loids Lidos Nudie Soldo Lined Oldie Oiled Nodus Sound Udons Sidle Isled Delis Snood Slide Idles Dines Deils Nides Linos Noils Loins Lions Loons Louis Solon Snool Olios Nolos Eosin Noise Lunes Louse Ousel Oleos Loose Noels Noose Lenos Enols Louie Lenis Solei Eloin Lines Liens Looie Olein Lieus Ileus

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Hump Hemp Homo Helm Holp Pehs Help Ohms Phon Mush Shmo Hums Mhos Holm Ship Dump Pish Hims Shim Hope Phis Hips Home Mesh Hems Mosh Push Hoop Soph Pooh Posh Shop Ouph Hops Hied Lump Simp Hide Plum Hued Shed Umps Sump Mops Poms Pomo Edhs Hoed Ohed Held Mips Hood Pome Hold Imps Sidh Hind Dish Hods Limp Shod Mope Poem Oohs Shoo Shun Huns Hons Nosh Shul Lush Hols Hisn Shin Hins Sinh Hens Pood Pods Updo Dips Mild Dupe Puds Dups Spud Pend Dope Sped Peds Oped Meld Pond Idem Dime Plod Pled Mold Doom Dims Mids Modi Mind Pied Muds Doms Mood Mods Doum Elhi Hose Shoe Meds Demo Mend Dome Mode Hues Hoes Hies Heil Hole Helo Hone Supe Mils Pens Nips Spue Epos Pose Limn Peso Pion Pins Opes Slim Limo Emus Muse Milo Moue Moil Meou Pone Piso Spin Peon Open Pois Nope Snip Nims Lisp Lips Slip Puli Muni Miso Sipe Pies Moos Sumo Semi Pein Pine Muns Muon Mono Moon Elms Mels Puls Mule Mole Some Mons Mise Poos Oops Pile Lipe Opus Soup Plie Mile Mien Poon Mine Pons Upon Lime Spun Puns Noms Lope Menu Loop Lums Mols Pool Polo Pole Meno Omen Nome Neum Loom Slum Mool Slop Plus Pule Lops Pols Loup Dine Deni Nide Lode Lied Idle Dies Side Lend Ides Deil Deli Diel Dole Dune Udos Duos Ouds Nodi Dino Loid Lido Idol Lids Slid Sild Duns Undo Loud Sold Olds Dels Dols Dins Nods Udon Dons Diol Ends Send Unde Sned Node Done Lude Leud Dens Nude Duel Used Dose Sued Odes Sled Dues Does Elds Soul Sloe Lens Loos Solo Lune Oleo Line Lose Lien Oles Onus Nous Sine Sole Lies Lieu Onos Soon Leis Enol Leno Lone Isle Noel Noes Olio Nose Eons Ones Sone Silo Soil Soli Oils Ions Lues Slue Loin Nils Lion Loon Lino Nolo Lins Noil

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Definition of the word Monosulphide, Meaning of Monosulphide word :
n. - A sulphide containing one atom of sulphur, and analogous to a monoxide, -- contrasted with a polysulphide, as, galena is a monosulphide.

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