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Mucid Domic Demic Medic Maced Celom Comes Music Osmic Clime Mesic Locum Culms Melic Malic Cameo Micas Claim Sumac Cames Camos Comas Maces Acmes Comae Musca Umiac Camel Amice Clams Comal Calms Macle Clods Sodic Disco Scudi Scudo Ludic Could Scold Cloud Colds Clued Cedis Dices Decos Coeds Codes Coude Douce Dolci Duces Cooed Laced Coled Dolce Lucid Cased Daces Model Cades Melds Sodom Muled Duomo Deism Alcid Dimes Disme Doums Modus Moods Dooms Decal Molds Clade Milds Odium Misdo Duomi Mould Sedum Demos Mooed Domes Modes Mused Odeum Acids Asdic Codas Ducal Cauld Acold Limed Cadis Caids Scald Clads Amido Amids Maids Medal Dolma Modal Domal Media Aimed Amide Almud Lamed Dumas Meads Dames Mauds Douma Celli Scale Ceils Sauce Slime Slice Mulls Alecs Colas Oleic Laces Coals Molls Cause Cella Sulci Cauls Oculi Coils Culls Locus Locos Solum Cools Mille Scull Osmol Cello Looms Cells Miles Cosie Saice Mools Ileac Luces Limes Clues Close Coles Socle Lames Smell Moola Mulla Males Molal Moles Meals Malls Small Almes Loams Mells Mauls Molas Louma Alums Lumas Oleum Meous Moose Maill Limas Amuse Mouse Moues Mails Salmi Ulema Miaou Mules Miaul Salic Laics Smile Aulic Amies Calls Maile Email Calos Mills Scall Limos Moils Ileum Local Milos Amole Lilac Doles Leads Looed Lidos Solid Dells Soldi Ailed Diols Ladle Idols Sloid Loids Dolls Isled Ideal Aides Oldie Oiled Soldo Sidle Aside Deils Idles Slued Adieu Delis Ideas Ludes Slide Deals Dales Soled Dills Lased Lades Dulls Eidos Dulse Leuds Duels Douse Lodes Audio Adios Dulia Dials Aldol Doula Allod Aloud Duals Lauds Loads Oleos Loose Louse Olios Louis Ousel Lisle Lieus Ileus Solei Looie Louie Losel Lilos Ollas Salol Aloes Aisle Ileal

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Definition of the word Molluscoidea, Meaning of Molluscoidea word :
n. pl. - A division of Invertebrata which includes the classes Brachiopoda and Bryozoa, -- called also Anthoid Mollusca.

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