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Embow Wombs Blows Bowls Swabs Mewls Meows Blaws Bawls Smews Swobs Swims Wames Miaow Elbow Bowel Below Swami Bowse Sambo Ambos Tombs Limbs Besom Limbo Biome Mabes Bemas Limba Beams Lambs Blams Balms Blame Amble Bimas Ambit Iambs Wists Wiles Lweis Lewis Stows Swots Waste Sweat Twaes Tawse Slows Wales Weals Swale Stews Slaws Awols Wites Wests Wises Waits Welts Slews Waist Lowes Lowse Owlet Towel Wilts Swats Wasts Tawie Swail Wails Towie Bites Somas Molas Boles Bises Slams Biles Smalt Atoms Stoma Masts Obeli Blite Malts Boite Smolt Metis Items Mites Times Stime Smite Milts Semis Seism Slims Emits Limos Milos Moils Loams Moste Motes Tomes Stems Smote Moles Metol Smelt Melts Motel Mises Bests Mosts Bliss Boils Besot Blets Lobes Botel Blest Belts Bless Obits Slobs Limes Misos Moist Miles Slime Smile Omits Stobs Molts Bolts Blots Mists Lesbo Moats Almes Amole Amies Lames Meals Metal Sabot Botas Boats Basts Stabs Maile Email Teams Limas Salmi Mails Tames Steam Mesas Masse Seams Mates Satem Meats Boast Sobas Baste Abets Sabes Bates Beast Betas Beats Bases Table Bales Ables Blase Sable Bleat Blate Tabes Aboil Slabs Bloat Bolas Blast Blats Basso Baits Isbas Basil Bails Obias Biota Bassi Basis Males Maist Tamis Simas Amiss Loess Lotas Tolas Altos Stoai Slits Soils Ossia Silos Toils Silts Lists Toles Slots Ostia Telos Stole Sloes Soles Satis Slats Lasts Lasso Salts Loses Iotas Setal Sates Seats Least Slate Stale Easts Stela Steal Tasse Lassi Solei Lases Sales Seals Asset Taels Oases Toeas Teals Tales Tesla Stoae Teloi Alist Litas Tiles Stile Aloes Islet Istle Stoas Oasts Oasis Sties Sites Telia Aisle Isles Tails Toile Sials Sails Sisal

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Womb Mewl Maws Wabs Swab Swam Blew Bows Bowl Webs Blaw Wame Blow Swob Mows Bawl Swim Smew Meow Mews Tomb Mobs Beam Bima Mibs Mabe Bema Limb Iamb Blam Balm Lamb Ambo Bams Swat Wast Taws Twas Wots Slaw Wost Tows Saws Twos Alow Awol Staw Awls Wats Laws Tews Stew West Wets Sews Welt Slew Lowe Owes Owse Wite Wise Woes Wile Slow Owls Lows Stow Swot Sows Lwei Wilt Wits Wiss Wist Wale Weal Waes Awes Twae Wail Wait Bals Labs Slab Stem Albs Bolt Bola Blot Mess Bots Sobs Boss Tome Slob Mote Stob Bits Mesa Boil Maes Libs Same Seam Mils Bias Isba Moil Soma Limo Sibs Blat Bait Obit Bios Obis Lobs Bast Elms Bats Alme Lame Meal Mise Semi Male Amie Stab Mite Time Mole Item Emit Tabs Soba Moas Obas Boas Lime Mile Some Abos Boat Bota Bass Sabs Mola Mels Melt Bets Milo Tams Toms Mots Most Best Abet Bate Mist Lams Beat Lobe Bite Mast Smit Bise Mats Base Soms Molt Slam Sabe Bile Amis Mail Lima Aims Moss Malt Mols Beta Bole Team Tame Meta Blet Sims Obia Meat Obes Moat Atom Slim Milt Mass Mate Sima Belt Bels Loam Blae Omit Alms Miss Isms Bale Bail Miso Able Tass Sols Loti Toil Sots Sial List Toea Loss Toss Taos Stoa Lost Sati Alto Lots Ossa Oast Oils Soli Oats Soil Silo Lits Silt Sola Sits Also Ates East Eats Etas Sate Seta Teas Site Seas Tils Tali Slit Tail Lati Sail Ails Slot Aits Alit Seat Sale Sole Olea Lies Seis Leis Sloe Seal Sals Lass Oles Isle Leas Lest Lase Sels Less Ales Lets Last Lats Alts Tole Tels Lose Iota Ilea Slat Tael Late Tale Ties Lota Tola Tela Teal Sets Tile Toes Oses Lite Aloe Salt

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Definition of the word Misbestowal, Meaning of Misbestowal word :
n. - The act of misbestowing.

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