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Hippy Hoppy Hempy Happy Meshy Thymi Mashy Hypes Thyme Homey Heapy Mothy Hypos Syphs Pithy Sophy Myths Soppy Popsy Hippo Hemps Empty Myope Sappy Tippy Typps Mopey Pomps Hasty Shays Hoyas Hissy Pimps Hosey Yeahs Tophe Peaty Hames Homie Hasps Shape Tipsy Opahs Homes Hopes Paths Sophs Moths Massy Phots Thesp Tophs Matey Meaty Haems Staph Seamy Etyma Mossy Mahoe Yipes Tepoy Sepoy Tophi Potsy Poesy Soapy Sysop Shame Atopy Typos Missy Mayst Shims Misty Smith Pesty Types Amity Ships Phase Meths Heaps Mayos Pasty Piety Maths Smash Shams Shops Patsy Spays Mosey Motey Piths Messy Stimy Aphis Ephas Atomy Spahi Apish Simps Tempo Temps Pomes Pipet Pipes Poems Mopes Pepos Popes Tempi Tamps Pimas Spasm Stamp Samps Stomp Spams Hosta Oaths Shoat Stash Ethos Shote Those Shoes Hoses Hests Sheas Ashes Heats Hates Styes Essay Yeast Hoist Eyass Haste Ohias Haets Yetis Shits Saith Shist Hists Hoise Sayst Shots Hosts Soths Stays Shies Soyas Heist Stoma Spats Moats Atoms Spite Pasts Topes Stope Pates Paste Stipe Soaps Peats Amiss Somas Amies Misos Spots Posts Psoas Stops Poses Posse Omits Pesos Steps Septs Stems Poets Smote Tomes Motes Moste Moist Spate Pesto Estop Piste Pests Tepas Tapes Septa Mosts Spits Aspis Pitas Spait Pisos Apsis Simas Masse Mesas Teams Maist Tamis Tames Steam Masts Satem Psoai Patio Pieta Mists Apses Mises Passe Spaes Meats Poise Posit Seams Sipes Spies Mates Pases Topis Sepia Emits Items Psoae Paseo Seism Semis Tapis Metis Mites Paise Times Smite Stime Iotas Ostia Stoai Seats Easts Asset Ossia Sates Satis Toeas Stoae Tasse Oases Oasis Sites Sties Stoas Oasts

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Definition of the word Metapophysis, Meaning of Metapophysis word :
n. - A tubercle projecting from the anterior articular processes of some vertebr/, a mammillary process.

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