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Hempy Lymph Thyme Mothy Rhyme Haply Hyper Heapy Phyla Phyle Homey Harpy Empty Mopey Myope Morph Amply Palmy Hayer Tythe Hotly Holly Rhyta Hoary Ethyl Lathy Hoyle Holey Rayah Apery Matey Meaty Payer Ephor Peaty Repay Thorp Alpha Homer Mealy Petty Emery Therm Molly Etyma Ropey Plyer Typal Platy Patly Malty Playa Reply Aptly Mayor Moray Payor Atopy Party Melty Tryma Atomy Patty Mylar Marly Tharm Tophe Tepoy Ralph Theme Rheme Loamy Pally Rehem Motey Hoper Peery Harem Hamal Herma Almeh Hemal Mahoe Aleph Mohel Raphe Halma Payee Almah Potty Praam Tramp Tempt Moper Tempo Proem Maple Remap Ample Tromp Royal Alloy Loyal Lethe Rally Tally Haler Aloha Ratty Alley Haole Hello Lytta Tarty Lyart Horal Altho Helot Troth Leery Loath Lotah Relay Leary Teeth Other Holla Hallo Hotel Teary Thole Toyer Early Layer Alary Heart Three Tolyl Rathe Telly Lahar Lathe Hater Throe Torah Allay Halal Earth There Ether Arhat Theta Repel Elope Merle Leper Trapt Topee Ramal Emote Tamal Malar Arepa Alamo Meter Alarm Metre Remet Peter Arame Parae Retem Llama Tamer Ramet Mater Matte Opera Pareo Armet Plate Petal Palet Pleat Tepal Morae Pater Apter Peart Prate Taper Lepta Leapt Etape Perea Ramee Ameer Paler Parle Pearl Metal Lapel Amole Realm Lamer Petto Metro Loper Poler Prole Aport Motet Molal Motte Amort Polar Parol Molar Moral Totem Toper Trope Repot Palea Aroma Motel Apart Metol Morel Tater Tetra Telae Areal Laree Alate Elate Arete Aorta Eater Toter Torte Rotte Otter Areae Alert Artel Alter Tatar Reata Allee Troll Later Relet Oater Attar Taler Ratel Latte Orate Treat Lotte Total Atoll Allot Altar Tolar Ottar Tarot Torta Loral Talar Ratal Artal

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Definition of the word Metallotherapy, Meaning of Metallotherapy word :
n. - Treatment of disease by applying metallic plates to the surface of the body.

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