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Gypsum Gremmy Grumpy Memory Mopery Empery Myopes Stemmy Stumpy Gripey Pogeys Pommee Mumper Pigsty Metump Pommie Retype Grumps Peyote Gummer Guimpe Megrim Tepoys Stymie Gimmes Poetry Pyrite Osprey Stormy Misery Typier Sporty Mousey Stripy Purity Sirupy Moiety Osmium Spirem Mimeos Optime Primes Simper Stogey Gyrose Memoir Primos Purism Impure Primus Mopier Umpire Import Impute Impose Mismet Mutism Summit Impost Simmer Opiums Porism Immure Permit Uptime Mimers Geyser Premie Mopers Summer Empire Momser Metope Emmers Emmets Tempos Sempre Trompe Proems Temper Epimer Tromps Yogees Guyots Trumps Septum Grouty Upmost Yogurt Ogrism Surety Gomuti Tuyers Storey Toyers Groups Spigot Pigout Upgirt Gripes Egoism Grimes Pogies Eyries Ugsome Grumes Tergum Gemots Morgue Gomers Yester Tuyere Stoury Gropes Gemote Regime Repegs Pugree Purges Getups Oyster Merges Spurge Emigre Erupts Meteor Resume Emotes Remote Merest Retems Metres Meters Preset Peters Pester Mustee Emoter Repose Topees Sprout Stupor Toupee Metros Poseur Estrum Muster Uprose Poster Presto Remise Respot Tropes Topers Stoper Pouter Mouser Purest Repots Roupet Reemit Metier Retime Troupe Uptore Tripos Poiser Somite Pistou Protei Ripost Truism Prosit Postie Potsie Upstir Purist Merits Mister Miters Iterum Mitres Remits Smiter Timers Sopite Uprise Ostium Repute Rimous Peruse Rupees Purees Tripes Esprit Priest Tumors Stripe Ripest Moires Rimose Isomer Sprite Grouts Guiros Outrig Trigos Griots Regius Stogie Tigers Egoist Goitre Orgies Goiter Ergots Togues Rugose Rouges Erugos Grouse Rogues Egrets Greets Soiree Reties Resite Retuse Stereo Outsee Suitor Suiter Stoure Triose Outers Ouster Tories Sortie Routes Souter

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Pommy Gemmy Gimpy Pigmy Gummy Mopey Myope Tummy Yomim Rummy Tommy Empty Spumy Emmys Gripy Gipsy Porgy Mumps Grimy Pogey Goyim Germy Stimy Spiry Misty Tipsy Yipes Roupy Pyros Pesty Typos Potsy Prosy Syrup Grump Musty Pursy Emery Soupy Mosey Motey Pouty Types Gimps Purty Piety Poesy Preys Pyres Sepoy Gimme Tepoy Mousy Seepy Peery Ropey Mimes Yogis Gyros Stogy Gouty Guyot Primo Mimer Gorsy Gusty Gyrus Surgy Gutsy Prime Perms Sperm Spume Temps Moper Momes Memos Proem Tempi Tempo Pomes Poems Mopes Prims Emmer Memes Rumps Mimeo Tumps Stump Trump Stomp Romps Proms Emmet Tromp Momus Yogee Gyres Greys Opium Prism Merge Ryots Story Youse Gript Yetis Sprig Prigs Grips Gorms Yores Toyer Oyers Tuyer Tyres Tyers Suety Gismo Treys Pirog Repeg Stroy Yurts Rusty Eyrie Troys Tyros Yours Tyees Grime Eyres Eyers Sprug Grope Gomer Geums Grume Germs Gemot Gripe Progs Gorps Group Getup Purge Trips Omits Moist Prest Puris Trims Spurt Strep Pious Spirt Sprit Stupe Upset Posit Super Topis Sprue Purse Erupt Strip Setup Turps Stirp Sport Strop Prost Ports Pours Roups Spout Stoup Pouts Tumor Strum Storm Morts Situp Sirup Mures Tomes Smote Motes Meous Moues Mouse Moste Metro Omers Morse Mores Peter Puree Rupee Steep Mutes Spree Prees Prese Speer Muter Terms Muser Serum Peris Miter Mitre Remit Piers Merit Pries Miser Rimes Timer Emits Stime Times Poise Smite Mites Items Metis Prise Ripes Moire Stipe Emirs Mires Speir Spier Spire Spite Piste Tripe Perse Toper Repot Trope Peise Emote Spore Teems Emeus Poser Prose Repos Metes Meres Stope Poets Topes Remet Retem Peres Pesto Meter Meets Metre Estop Pores Ropes Peers Topee Togue Grues Guest Urges Surge Ogees Trugs Ergot Erugo Egers Rouge Rogue Siege Egret Greet Segue Egest Geest Geste Grees Serge Reges Gores Goers Gorse Ogres Tiger Guise Gites Trigs Girts Grist Grits Griot Trigo Guiro Giros Gusto Grout Grots Trogs Gouts Steer Stere Reset Ester Reest Terse Tores Rotes Reuse Trees Store Siree Touse Retie Route Roust Routs Stour Tours Outre Outer Trues Torus Erose Roues Rouse Roset Euros Torse Etuis Tries Tiers Suite Rites Uteri Trois Trios Resit Riots Rotis Torsi Tiros Tires Sieur Osier Ourie

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Mopy Immy Emmy Mump Gyms Gyps Pogy Gimp Pyre Prey Pyes Yeps Espy Type Yipe Pity Yips Ropy Posy Typo Pyro Yups Rimy Miry Mity Spry Poem Pome Tump Memo Mome Mems Mope Meme Temp Perm Yogi Gyri Prom Romp Mums Momi Guys Goys Poms Mops Moms Orgy Sump Prim Imps Gyro Rump Gyre Mime Grey Umps Simp Mips Gory Oyer Yous Tyro Oyes Yore Toys Your Troy Yurt Ryot Grip Prig Prog Mogs Smug Smog Mugs Gums Gorm Gorp Gips Pigs Tyes Stye Tory Grum Rosy Stey Ryes Trey Tyer Tyre Grim Pugs Migs Germ Gems Megs Yeti Eery Eyer Eyre Eyes Geum Pegs Tyee Mirs Trim Pout Miso Omit Item Emit Mite Mist Smit Puts Purs Spur Urps Rime Piso Emir Mere Mire Mise Semi Tups Mort Roms Most Teem Toms Mots Mors Roup Pour Trop Mete Port Sumo Emeu Rums Pros Must Muts Stum Smut Pree Pere Pees Seep Peer Meet Emes Trip Seem Puri Seme Pits Opus Topi Soup Rips Spit Tips Spot Pots Opts Post Stop Tops Ptui Pois Rims Supe Rope Spue Step Sept Repo Pore Pets Pert Pose Poet Tope Peso Pure Some Epos Opes Mute Muse Rems Moue Mote Tome Meou Omer Mure Stem Emus Term More Time Reps Pest Ripe Pies Sipe Pier Peri Eger Ogee Gies Egis Giro Gree Gees Ergo Gest Goer Gore Ogre Gets Sego Ergs Tegs Grue Rigs Regs Urge Tugs Gout Gist Guts Rugs Trug Egos Gust Trig Gits Grit Grot Gite Goes Trog Girt Togs Tors Orts Sire Rots Sort Oust Sore Rote Tore Rust Ruts Rose Ours Sour Rout Eros Ires Reis Tour Toes Roue Euro Outs Rite Ores Roes Rise Tier Tree True Rete Trio User Rues Ruse Suer Site Sere Rees Seer Suit Utes Etui Suet Ties Tuis Tori Sure Tiro Stir Rets Sori Erst Rest Tres Tire Roti Riot Tees

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Definition of the word Mesopterygium, Meaning of Mesopterygium word :
n. - The middle one of the three principal basal cartilages in the fins of fishes.

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