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Frames Fasces Fleams Flames Farces Facets Female Aflame Falces Clefts Refect Flamer Faecal Carafe Facers Fracas Scarfs Facete Reface Faeces Crafts Raceme Amerce Cremes Merces Scrams Cermet Macles Mescal Camlet Camels Marcel Calmer Scream Macers Creams Camera Lactam Tarmac Camass Amtrac Strafe Faster Afters Feasts Safest Feases Feater Afreet Falter Flares Festal Ferals Farles Falser Refelt Lefter Fester Fleets Reflet Telfer Refels Freest Fleers Terces Sesame Remate Reteam Crests Erects Measle Resect Smalts Smarts Certes Creels Select Screes Elects Tercel Smelts Ramees Ameers Seamer Tmeses Secret Stream Armlet Tamers Remelt Melter Recess Tramel Maters Matres Master Masers Smears Merles Marses Ramets Lamest Metals Samlet Armets Metres Meters Merest Steams Retems Realms Tamals Carats Malars Alarms Meatal Malate Scares Seracs Caster Caters Rascal Sacral Carets Cartes Scalar Tamale Escars Crease Carses Caress Cereal Relace Ramate Create Clasts Ecarte Crases Cerate Arames Arecas Scaler Rectal Lacers Clears Carles Caesar Scarts Claret Cestas Castes Calesa Acetal Sclera Cartel Carate Eclats Cleats Scales Lascar Ceases Crates Craals Castle Reacts Traces Recast Lesser Relets Streel Easels Leases Sleets Steels Steles Tarsal Talars Ratals Astral Altars Eaters Teaser Seater Reseat Easter Aretes Teases Stelae Aerate Teasel Erases Sarees Reatas Alates Elates Teslas Tassel Leaser Steals Stales Ratels Laster Salter Slater Stelar Staler Estral Artels Rassle Lasers Alerts Alters Talers Leasts Slates Reales Larees Resets Reests Esters Serest Stares Steers Assert Asters Elater Relate Reseal Sealer Steres Resale

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Farms Flams Fecal Facer Farce Feces Craft Facts Scarf Calfs Fleam Flame Faces Facet Fames Frame Cafes Cleft Femes Clefs Acmes Maces Cames Cream Macer Camas Marcs Scram Scams Crams Clams Calms Mercs Macle Creme Camel Selfs Lefts Felts Fease Fests Fasts Frass Serfs Rafts Frets Frats Farts Alefs Fesse Fetas Fetes Reefs Frees Feats Feres Feast Fates Flare False Fleas Leafs Feral Farle Fleer Refel Feels Fetal Farls After Safes Safer Fears Flees Flats Fleet Fares Fatal Alfas Afars Masas Malts Massa Marls Slams Meats Lacer Smear Clear Carle Mater Armet Reams Maser Mares Marse Ramet Tamer Tames Steam Teams Satem Smalt Mesas Masse Seams Cease Mates Terce Seems Retem Remet Semes Meets Teems Metes Metre Meter Carat Casas Sacra Meres Craal Aceta Merls Melts Stems Terms Smelt Areca Merle Scree Tamal Erect Lamas Cetes Ceres Elect Trams Smart Marts Masts Maras Creel Maars Almas Celts Arame Alarm Malar Cress Ramal Crest Sects Amass Atmas Ramee Crate Ameer React Laces Alecs Metal Talcs Clast Carls Casts Scats Scart Carts Class Crass Scars Scale Meals Caste Trace Lamer Cases Realm Cates Almes Lames Males Recta Acres Eclat Cleat Carte Cater Scare Caret Escar Carse Cares Races Cesta Taces Serac Leers Tress Reels Seers Erses Elate Steel Rests Areae Teles Seres Stele Teels Laree Reata Steer Erase Reset Saree Areas Relet Terse Leses Seels Stere Reest Ester Telae Leets Sleet Trees Easel Areal Lease Alate Talas Seals Tasse Seats Sates Tears Asset Easts Ratel Later Lares Alert Slats Artel Alter Lasts Salts Tares Stare Stela Taels Tales Teals Steal Stale Least Sales Setal Slate Tesla Sears Aster Rates Resat Rases Arses Earls Arles Lases Taler Laser Rales Trass Stars Ratal Tsars Seral Atlas Salsa Artal Talar Reals Altar Arete Eater Eases Setae Tease Lears

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Definition of the word Malefactress, Meaning of Malefactress word :
n. - A female malefactor.

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