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Maple Lumps Ample Plums Remap Perms Sperm Temps Spume Rumps Psalm Trump Stump Praam Plasm Tumps Plume Tramp Ampul Ramps Stamp Slump Tamps Pumas Prams Palms Lamps Lemur Salpa Tepas Merls Taupe Murrs Pause Prate Spare Super Spear Maras Purls Maars Rapes Presa Pares Asper Parse Pears Prase Slurp Lupus Paste Melts Pates Peats Spate Septa Smelt Pareu Pater Apter Peart Taper Tapes Sprat Larum Parae Mural Arepa Malts Marls Strum Alarm Purrs Spurt Turps Smalt Arame Plats Splat Palea Alums Lumas Mauls Usurp Malar Ramal Strap Tarps Apres Prats Parts Traps Praus Stupa Tamal Sputa Pruta Supra Parrs Trams Almas Smart Marts Murra Arums Muras Mauts Aurum Lamas Ramus Ulama Reaps Mutes Ulema Metal Mares Muter Serum Erupt Marse Maser Almes Armet Mater Ramet Lames Males Smear Meals Leapt Paler Rearm Peals Sepal Spale Pales Salep Pleas Letup Pulse Murre Leaps Pearl Pules Parle Armer Muser Mures Lapse Terms Apers Tamer Reams Strep Pleat Tepal Realm Upset Plate Purer Setup Stupe Mules Parer Ataps Apart Paras Atmas Pasta Tapas Raper Purse Sprue Puler Prest Satem Steam Tames Teams Meats Mates Lamer Spelt Slept Palet Lepta Amuse Pelts Petal Ruler Artel Lurer Lutea Tesla Alter Tales Stale Slate Setal Tules Lutes Lures Steal Least Rules Later Ratel Taler Taels Ureal Teals Arles Altar Aurae Artal Ratal Laura Aural Talar Reata Areal Areas Alate Atlas Talas Rales Reals Lears Laser Lares Seral Earls Aurar Arras Trues Truer Ruers Surer Auras Alert Stela Resat Rates Aster Urare Stare Tares Aures Tears Terra Tarre Surra Rater Urase Sural Sault Talus Luaus Usual Ursae Ultra Saute Rural Urate Sutra Ureas Rears Raser Rares

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Definition of the word Malapterurus, Meaning of Malapterurus word :
n. - A genus of African siluroid fishes, including the electric catfishes. See Electric cat, under Electric.

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