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Hyper Heapy Techy Lynch Chary Phyle Phyla Chyle Harpy Ochry Haply Yacht Phony Porch Crepy Parch Patch Chapt Copay Poach Epoch Perch Pacey Peach Chape Cheap Crypt Hoyle Hyena Ethyl Hayer Hotly Rhyta Lathy Hoary Holey Henry Horny Honey Cloth Torch Corny Pylon Porny Rotch Crony Cyton Raphe Notch Coyer Aptly Letch Reply Plyer Phone Peony Atopy Party Octyl Tench Chore Tophe Hoper Ephor Chert Ocher Ochre Payor Ropey Coney Thorp Payer Repay Peaty Yapon Pyran Panty Typal Platy Tepoy Retch Patly Apery Ralph Cheat Tache Theca Teach Chare Hance Loach Clary Chola Lycra Leach Chela Lacey Lycea Carny Cyano Canty Larch Reach Orach Aleph Coaly Natch Roach Chart Ranch Chant Nacho Ratch Ancho Latch Copra Pecan Coapt Place Copal Copen Capon Coper Ponce Clept Clapt Epact Caper Crept Recap Pacer Crape Horal Altho Loath Lotah Onlay Royal Lyart Halon Thorn North Torah Thole Haler Toyer Neath Yenta Yearn Haole Layer Leary Relay Early Onery Lathe Entry Toney Honer Atony Heron Earth Heart Rathe Teary Throe Other Thane Rayon Helot Hotel Hater Telco Recta Trace Carol Claro Clone Ceorl Enact Eclat Cleat Pleon Pelon Canoe Ocean Octal Lacer Clear Repot Netop Prone Toper Trope Carle Loper Poler Prole Caret Carte Recto Oncet Conte Crate Cater Crone Cento Recon Clean Ocrea Crane Nacre Caner Rance Lance React Coral Taper Acorn Pearl Parol Polar Narco Parle Apter Taroc Panto Apron Prate Pater Paler Canto Cotan Octan Petal Plant Racon Nopal Peart Tepal Leapt Plena Penal Plane Arpen Lepta Palet Plate Actor Paten Pleat Opera Panel Pareo Aport Paeon Atone Oaten Alert Noter Tenor Later Ratel Taler Toner Trone Leant Artel Alter Laten Trona Tolar Renal Notal Talon Tonal Tolan Loran Alone Anole Learn Loner Enrol Antre Oater Orate Lento Nerol

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Definition of the word Lycanthrope, Meaning of Lycanthrope word :
n. - A human being fabled to have been changed into a wolf, a werewolf.

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