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Argil Gluts Glair Gulls Trugs Liger Glial Geste Egest Geest Segue Grill Gills Leges Gleet Glees Liege Siege Leger Egers Grees Greet Egret Reges Serge Girls Gilts Galls Trigs Gular Rugal Gault Staig Sigla Glias Ragis Tragi Gaits Agist Grits Grist Guilt Iglus Girts Argus Gaurs Guars Sugar Grail Gelts Stage Getas Gates Agues Usage Legit Argue Terga Auger Rugae Tegua Luges Glute Targe Retag Legal Argle Glare Large Lager Aegis Agile Guest Regal Gales Gater Sarge Grate Great Sager Rages Urges Aglet Surge Grues Gears Agers Gules Eagre Gites Eager Agree Eagle Ragee Tiger Aglee Luger Guile Glues Gruel Gluer Guise Tiers Tires Tries Rites Resit Utile Lisle Rille Etuis Suite Tells Uteri Sutra Sieur Talus Elute Tiler Relit Litre Liter Teles Teels Leets Islet Sleet Steel Stele Riles Ester Trees Reuse Terse Stere Slier Reest Reset Steer Istle Relet Retie Siree Lieus Ileus Elite Liers Riels Stile Leers Reels Sault Tiles Selle Iller Teals Tales Taels Stela Tesla Tirls Lilts Still Lutea Tills Steal Stale Later Artel Alter Alert Ratel Taler Slate Setal Least Ureal Trill Rills Saute Ursae Stare Resat Rates Aster Tares Tears Ureas Urase Aures Seral Reals Tease Setae Eater Arete Laree Allee Aerie Easel Lease Saree Erase Telae Elate Trull Stull Uraei Aurei Arles Earls Rales Lears Laser Lares Terai Retia Aisle Ariel Ileal Telia Arise Irate Serai Raise Urate Rials Rails Trail Trial Urial Liras Liars Talls Lairs Arils Stall Alist Sitar Astir Stair Stria Auris Tarsi Airts Tules Tails Litas Lutes Trues Laris Sural Lures Tulle Rules Ultra

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Definition of the word Legislature, Meaning of Legislature word :
n. - The body of persons in a state or kingdom invested with power to make and repeal laws, a legislative body.

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