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Limbed Bromid Tombed Morbid Bermed Mobled Lambed Blamed Ambled Bedlam Beldam Beamed Mobile Limber Ramble Timber Timbre Blamer Marble Lamber Tombal Bromal Bemire Betime Barmie Timbal Berime Bireme Emboli Ambler Ambeer Lambie Milted Melted Melder Termed Emerod Metred Debtor Emoted Demote Bolted Meloid Moiled Beadle Mediae Milder Mailed Delime Amidol Diatom Medlar Malted Milord Radome Bordel Marted Dreamt Roamed Moated Marled Dermal Medial Dormie Mitred Teamed Remade Itemed Meated Remold Loamed Molted Molder Admire Bolder Reamed Oedema Birled Bridle Baited Abider Bolide Boiled Boated Doable Tabled Blared Balder Blader Bridal Ribald Albedo Boride Bailed Belied Edible Beader Betide Debate Belted Bailer Librae Ramtil Mitral Maloti Mailer Obelia Reteam Barite Baiter Rebait Terbia Albeit Bolter Albite Elmier Rebate Moiler Mealie Bailee Motile Armlet Tramel Remate Berate Beater Aerobe Metier Merlot Molter Rebato Treble Belter Bolete Milter Borate Mortal Reemit Boater Imaret Tribal Belier Bailor Matier Oblate Lobate Remail Remelt Melter Boatel Boreal Omelet Retime Telome Riblet Emoter Labret Boiler Reboil Morale Remote Boleti Meteor Tiered Relied Lieder Reedit Dieter Oreide Retied Dartle Teared Redate Derate Elated Ariled Eidola Delate Leader Aeried Aedile Dearie Rediae Dealer Elodea Ideate Derail Dialer Tirade Airted Loader Reload Ordeal Iodate Redial Railed Laired Relaid Detail Tailed Dilate Roadie Dotier Editor Toiled Tirled Rioted Adroit Triode Retold Orated Teredo Roiled Loiter Retile Etoile Toiler Rialto Tailor Retail Tailer Retial Relate Areole Oleate Elater

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Definition of the word Labidometer, Meaning of Labidometer word :
n. - A forceps with a measuring attachment for ascertaining the size of the fetal head.

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