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Champ Chimp Chomp Ohmic Milch Hemps Chops Schmo Mocha Poach Machs Chips Chaps Caphs Macho Chasm Chams Chime Hemic Epoch Chemo Miche Mache Peach Cheap Chape Pechs Scamp Camps Clomp Campo Comps Campi Clamp Shims Leach Chela Ships Chess Aches Holms Phial Apish Shape Phase Spahi Aphis Echos Heaps Shops Chile Smash Shams Chiel Plash Hasps Sophs Chose Chase Halms Opahs Ephas Almeh Hemal Hopes Lochs Chaos Loach Chola Clash Aleph Homie Mohel Helms Shlep Homes Helps Chias Lichi Chiao Chais Hames Chili Mahoe Shame Haems Laich Clops Poems Spice Lamps Sepic Mesic Limpa Spics Milpa Epics Copes Pimas Comes Simps Limps Mopes Celom Palms Scops Impis Samps Impel Specs Clime Melic Clips Scope Osmic Spasm Pisco Copse Spams Pomes Plasm Psalm Amici Malic Claim Space Pical Copal Scams Clams Calms Claps Clasp Camos Comas Scalp Comal Capos Micas Plica Aspic Maple Spica Picas Scape Cameo Place Paces Amice Macle Camel Ample Capes Comae Acmes Cames Maces Haole Heals Ashes Sheas Selah Leash Hales Shale Sheal Hosel Slosh Holes Helos Sheol Shies Hoise Helio Heils Shiel Shoes Hoses Ohias Slash Shoal Halos Hails Cilia Slipe Plies Speil Spiel Salmi Spile Piles Smile Spail Iliac Pails Lapis Slime Limes Pilei Class Colas Calos Coals Opals Slams Molas Laics Salic Amiss Mails Simas Psoai Loams Aspis Apsis Mesas Pilis Limos Milos Slims Moils Ileac Spaes Apses Pases Passe Saice Polis Spoil Slops Pisos Slips Lisps Misos Sipes Seams Spies Moles Lopes Salps Poise Masse Cases Mises Seism Semis Poles Slope Scale Psoae Laces Alecs Paseo Poses Pesos Posse Milia Limas Miles Amole Sices Somas Lapse Leaps Pleas Salep Pilea Pales Peals Email Ceili Paise Amies Coses Sepia Psoas Close Coles Soaps Socle Ceils Oleic Cosie Almes Spale Coils Maile Sepal Slice Males Socas Slaps Meals Lames Oases Aisle Soils Silos Aloes Loess Isles Sales Seals Ossia Solei Sials Sisal Issei Sails Lassi Oasis Lases Lasso Aioli Soles Sloes Loses

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Definition of the word Isocephalism, Meaning of Isocephalism word :
n. - A peculiarity in the design of bas-relief by which the heads of human figures are kept at the same height from the ground, whether the personages are seated, standing, or mounted on horseback, -- called also isokephaleia.

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