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Prayer Pitaya Paltry Parity Painty Player Partly Parley Pearly Napery Replay Apiary Piraya Parlay Ripely Pinery Raptly Preyer Yelper Pyrene Pyrite Typier Pertly Pretty Triply Peltry Plenty Pentyl Retype Pantry Tetryl Lyrate Realty Neatly Nearly Nettly Rarely Elytra Eatery Ariary Aerily Yttria Rarity Eerily Rattly Yeelin Tartly Tyrant Lenity Tetany Entity Nitery Artery Yarner Treaty Yatter Ratany Artily Litany Lyttae Yantra Planet Platen Parian Pirana Replan Pattee Patter Planer Parral Pirate Pterin Repair Rapier Tarpan Pattie Leptin Repent Pereia Pinata Patina Prater Parrel Patten Patent Partan Arpent Palate Enrapt Repeat Trepan Parent Entrap Petter Earlap Retape Pelite Palter Plater Repeal Paleae Perter Leaper Planar Tapeta Petrel Rapine Panier Pliant Apneal Pettle Palier Aplite Repine Nepeta Patine Pineta Penile Plaint Penial Alpine Trapan Taipan Pintle Petite Pineal Pantie Triple Platan Pelter Reaper Lierne Tartan Tantra Litten Letter Arrant Rattan Rerent Terret Renter Linter Retile Reline Relier Tenter Tartar Netter Lanate Natter Ratite Attire Irater Antler Artier Elater Antiar Ratine Retain Realer Retina Learnt Rental Lariat Atrial Latina Telnet Latria Latten Latent Talent Relate Attain Entera Antral Tarnal Aliner Linear Larine Neater Retear Retire Tearer Terrae Nailer Renail Tailer Retial Earner Retail Nearer Tenail Entail Tineal Reearn Railer Irreal Lenite Tarter Ratter Entire Teniae Aerial Realia Retine Retint Tinter Errata Taenia Tilter Litter Ratlin Lattin Trinal Triene Ritter Territ Triter Rattle Lateen Retral Tentie Latter Aerate Leaner Narial Relent Nettle Errant Ranter Aerier Ratten

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Definition of the word Interpetalary, Meaning of Interpetalary word :
a. - Between the petals of a flower.

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In Interpetalary I is 9th, N is 14th, T is 20th, E is 5th, R is 18th, P is 16th, A is 1st, L is 12th, Y is 25th letters in Alphabet Series.