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Allying Eagerly Angrily Agilely Agility Greenly Allergy Langley Gallery Largely Angerly Regally Inlying Greatly Yealing Yeaning Agentry Retying Yarning Yelling Relying Inertly Riantly Alertly Retally Tartily Nattily Inanity Anility Alienly Rainily Innerly Trinity Leerily Littery Inanely Tannery Tearily Reality Irately Layette Tinnily Inlayer Tritely Ringlet Gillnet Telling Railing Tailing Netting Renting Intagli Glitter Letting Tingler Tenting Retting Lingier Reining Igniter Lignite Gittern Tiering Alining Nailing Ginnier Ranting Nilling Rilling Ringent Lilting Tirling Tinting Trining Tilting Tilling Linting Titling Ratting Raining Airting Tarting Gentler Reeling Leering Gentile Tergite Treeing Integer Ingrain Lairing Tangent Regnant Nigella Tillage Tangler Gallein Gantlet Negater Reagent Greaten Grantee Tentage Gellant Langrel Elating Gelatin Atingle Reginal Anteing Genital Tagline Earning Aginner Engrain Grannie Nearing Antigen Gentian Ingrate Gratine Tangier Aneling Tearing Eanling Granite Nargile Realign Engrail Aligner Leaning Galette Gleaner Elegant Lineage Galilee Egalite Alleger General Reginae Enlarge Tentier Nettier Initial Nettler Airline Aniline Intitle Eternal Teleran Interne Retitle Nitrite Intrant Enteral Tinnier Entreat Entitle Ratteen Littler Niterie Lenient Ternate Nittier Inertia Entrain Trenail Retinal Ratline Latrine Tertial Iterant Intreat Nattier Tertian Nitrate Lantern Reliant Literal Nitrile Tallier Iterate Arenite Retinae Trainee Ariette Ralline Atelier Lintier Entrant Aliener Tillite Lineate

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Gyrate Granny Tangly Grainy Raying Gleety Eyeing Trying Gnarly Argyll Gantry Argyle Glinty Tingly Gaiety Galley Gnatty Tyning Trigly Anergy Gyrene Gently Tyring Gritty Gentry Energy Laying Gainly Greeny Glairy Elytra Airily Yatter Lyrate Aerily Lealty Lately Artily Neatly Really Litany Lyttae Realty Rallye Leanly Tetany Lanely Lenity Tinily Treaty Nettly Lineny Eatery Nitery Yeelin Yeller Tetryl Eerily Entity Ninety Rattly Tartly Tranny Yttria Tyrant Nearly Regina Gelate Regain Allege Lining Gentle Argent Garnet Engine Gainer Innage Earing Lignin Target Reagin Triage Gelant Tining Tangle Gaiter Ingate Aigret Regent Regnal Tiling Gallet Riling Linage Angler Gerent Tiring Gittin Gannet Reglet Teeing Getter Eating Genial Tergal Aiglet Ailing Nilgai Negate Regilt Galere Ginner Gelati Tingle Gentil Giller Grille Glaire Linger Regale Legate Ligate Telega Eaglet Genera Engirt Enrage Airing Anting Gillie Gratin Rating Taring Elegit Ignite Tieing Ergate Lignan Girlie Linter Linnet Lintel Intent Tinner Tiller Tilter Rillet Litter Little Intern Litten Tentie Teniae Linier Illite Inlier Leaner Lateen Letter Rennet Tenner Tenter Netter Nielli Tinter Retint Telnet Nettle Lierne Nellie Tinier Intine Reline Neater Retell Relate Teller Elater Relent Lenten Neaten Triene Entera Lenite Retile Entire Retine Lentil Attire Ratite Anilin Lineal Rattle Latter Lattin Taille Retial Trinal Titian Tallit Tailer Ratlin Nailer Tanner Ratten Natter Nitril Retain Ratine Retina Innate Inaner Lienal Tenant Narine Rental Telial Aliner Lanner Renail Linear Larine Antler Learnt Retail Taller Talent Latent Tineal Tenail Entail Latten

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Definition of the word Intelligentiary, Meaning of Intelligentiary word :
n. - One who gives information, an intelligencer.

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