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Veeps Prove Pervs Viper Doves Roved Drove Drive Rived Diver Dives Vised Devel Livid Delve Loved Voled Voids Velds Virid Lived Devil Ivied Video Lipid Prude Urped Levis Perdu Duper Evils Sieve Livre Liver Ervil Viler Spued Reive Dupes Pseud Lieve Updos Elves Plods Drupe Veers Sever Serve Dorps Verse Revue Proud Prods Drops Drips Voile Olive Lever Revel Ivies Elver Dipso Vireo Loves Solve Lover Lives Ovule Siped Spied Puled Duple Epode Loped Poled Riped Redip Piled Viols Virls Virus Visor Plied Verso Deeps Pedes Preed Pride Pried Speed Servo Roves Overs Voles Doper Rives Siver Viers Pedro Roped Spode Posed Dopes Vires Pored Veils Super Sprue Purse Pours Peels Peles Peris Piers Sleep Spier Roups Spore Speir Speel Pries Prise Ripes Polis Repel Leper Loups Sirup Pulis Pious Puris Pilus Poise Spoil Ropes Poilu Purls Slurp Pilis Poser Peril Plier Loupe Pilei Piles Slope Poles Prole Poler Lopes Peers Pores Peres Perse Prees Loper Spire Repos Spile Prose Prese Speer Pules Slipe Plies Puler Rupee Puree Spree Pulse Spiel Speil Elope Peise Sored Doles Douse Elide Sired Uredo Rides Resid Older Slued Ludes Dries Resod Doers Elude Redos Doser Rosed Rodes Lured Leuds Dulse Duels Ruled Lodes Slide Oiled Seder Sered Oldie Suede Reeds Isled Sidle Edile Druse Eidos Idles Delis Idler Deers Redes Drees Deils Riled Erode Soled Solid Soldi Sloid Dirls Lurid Ursid Diols Idols Loids Lidos Elder Sudor Duros Eider Lords Dures Irids Deles Siree Reuse Rouse Roues Riels Rules Liers Euros Riles Lours Reels Leers Loris Ileus Lures Lieus Roils Louis Erose Slier Ourie Oiler Oriel Reoil Lores Loser Orles Roles Sorel Sieur Solei Louie Osier Louse Ousel

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Definition of the word Idiorepulsive, Meaning of Idiorepulsive word :
a. - Repulsive by itself, as, the idiorepulsive power of heat.

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