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Hydroxylamine is a scrabble word? Yes (32 Points) Hydroxylamine has worth 32 Scrabble points.

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Hexyl Hyrax Xylem Hexad Deoxy Admix Helix Mixed Xylan Maxed Axmen Hayey Axiom Oxime Moxie Mirex Mixer Remix Nixed Loxed Mynah Redox Axled Doxie Oxide Raxed Radix Hymen Rhyme Homey Index Axion Ixora Xenia Hardy Handy Hydra Hyoid Relax Heady Hayed Hydro Axone Doyly Dryly Laxer Axile Horny Hoyle Honey Henry Homed Mayed Madly Holey Hyena Dimly Hoary Myoid Hairy Moldy Dormy Hayer Mealy Almeh Hemal Mahoe Yamen Harem Ihram Mylar Loamy Marly Meany Mayor Manly Anomy Herma Moray Mohel Homie Hemin Homer Money Limey Meiny Drily Doily Rindy Redly Horde Yield Honed Hired Hider Holed Dhole Yodle Nerdy Doyen Yodel Odyle Dynel Lindy Ready Halid Randy Rayed Yaird Heard Diary Deary Dairy Deray Leady Delay Layed Ahold Hoard Honda Daily Hared Haled Lyard Lardy Limed Inlay Layin Roily Riyal Medal Rayon Lamed Honer Nomad Armed Royal Dolma Onlay Domal Modal Rainy Diram Amido Monad Heron Media Helio Amide Aimed Noily Riley Rhino Liney Yearn Admen Relay Maned Leary Menad Early Layer Amend Model Named Irony Mired Rimed Dream Derma Madre Monde Denim Halon Haole Haler Horal Mined Onery Dimer Demon Hilar Maile Email Miler Liman Limen Minor Realm Lamer Anime Amine Melon Morel Amole Minae Ramie Aimer Leman Lemon Monie Reman Morae Ramen Namer Enorm Moire Miner Roman Molar Moral Manor Inarm Amnio Amino Moira Redia Drone Redon Naled Lader Alder Indol Laden Ideal Ailed Deair Aired Eland Aider Irade Drail Andro Adorn Radio Danio Dinar Aroid Ranid Nadir Drain Nodal Radon Oread Older Loden Olden Oared Anode Denar Redan Adore Oiled Lined Oldie Idler Riled Nidal Laird Lidar Liard Diner Aloin Anile Ariel Renal Irone Learn Anole Loner Nerol Enrol Alone Liner Oiler Olein Eloin Oriel Reoil Elain Liane Aline Alien Loran Noria

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Doxy Dexy Hoax Lynx Nixy Onyx Oryx Maxi Minx Exam Oxim Moxa Axed Hymn Homy Oxid Nixe Axle Axil Ilex Axel Axon Oxen Exon Yodh Hyla Ahoy Hoya Yeah Holy Demy Emyd Eyry Ylem Elmy Rimy Helm Home Herm Moly Miry Amyl Limy Army Mayo Many Myna Holm Halm Harm Ahem Haem Hame Mony Dory Herd Yond Rynd Yard Yald Ohed Lady Dray Held Yird Hide Idly Odyl Hoed Hied Idyl Oldy Hind Dahl Haed Hade Hold Dhal Yeld Head Dyer Dyne Deny Ahed Odah Hand Hard Mend Horn Yarn Derm Mode Nary Mold Demo Dome Idem Dime Made Dame Mild Amid Maid Meld Modi Mead Mind Hila Rhea Hare Hear Hail Yare Eyra Year Ohia Hair Heal Hora Halo Haen Harl Rely Hoar Aery Yean Only Lyre Yoni Hale Helo Hole Herl Oyer Damn Ayin Airy Dram Elhi Heil Aryl Hire Heir Lory Lehr Hoer Liny Yore Hone Inly Dorm Hero Hern Oily Mole Omen Nome Meno Merl Mien Lime Mile Emir Mire Rime More Omer Mine Loam Mola Norm Morn Ream Mare Marl Nema Name Mean Mane Amen Mora Roam Moan Noma Lima Mano Meal Mina Main Amie Amin Rami Male Lame Alme Mair Amir Mail Limn Milo Moil Limo Road Aide Idea Orad Idle Diol Idol Lido Lied Laid Dine Deni Dial Loid Diel Dino Nodi Raid Arid Deli Dirl Deil Nide Dire Rend Lode Dole Nerd Odea Dean Done Node Doer Dore Read Ride Ired Dear Dare Redo Rode Lend Rind Dale Deal Rand Nard Darn Dona Land Lord Load Lade Lard Lead Lino Roil Lion Lorn Loin Iron Inro Noil Noir Nori Rani Real Rale Lear Roan Oral Role Earl Loan Aeon Lari Liar Lira Lair Aril Anil Lain Nail Rail Rial Near Earn Aero Rain Naoi Airn Olea Leno Lien Line Lier Rein Enol Rile Lire Riel Ilea Orle Aloe Lean Noel Lone Elan Lore Lane

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Definition of the word Hydroxylamine, Meaning of Hydroxylamine word :
n. - A nitrogenous, organic base, NH2.OH, resembling ammonia, and produced by a modified reduction of nitric acid. It is usually obtained as a volatile, unstable solution in water. It acts as a strong reducing agent.

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