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Hyphen Physed Hypoed Phooey Sypher Physes Sphery Hypers Hyssop Syphon Physis Phoney Hyoids Hydros Dryish Shindy Hoyden Spendy Droopy Dropsy Hooeys Phoned Sherry Shyers Pished Predry Henrys Honeys Ephods Hooped Horsey Poohed Hysons Hoseys Pyosis Priory Ephori Ephors Hopers Posher Hooper Pyoses Osprey Ropery Pinery Pyrone Phones Siphon Spryer Phonos Pryers Pishes Sepoys Reship Pisher Prissy Perish Snoopy Spoony Drossy Shined Hinder Horrid Hoodie Dressy Synods Dishes Hissed Hoised Noshed Horned Dehorn Hiders Shends Shooed Shreds Sherds Dryers Shored Hordes Horsed Reshod Honied Hoiden Doyens Yirred Yonder Droops Ponder Pernod Hosier Spends Roshis Shirrs Spored Prosed Hoises Shores Sniped Shiner Shrine Shoers Hosers Heroin Horses Pinder Dorper Pedros Dopers Rhinos Shines Spined Spider Redips Prised Spired Opined Prides Resiny Ponied Rosiny Pissed Nosher Honers Herons Senhor Syrens Poinds Dopier Ornery Dipsos Hirers Spodes Isopod Hisser Shires Honors Noshes Rosery Shiers Period Poised Pernio Spines Snipes Person Perron Sniper Ripens Repins Ropier Poiser Prises Speirs Priers Sprier Pisser Spiers Spires Posies Poises Operon Poorer Proses Spores Posers Pooris Repros Ropers Proser Porose Ponies Opines Pornos Orpine Priors Spoors Sopors Spoons Poison Snoops Prosos Spinor Orpins Prison Prions Opsins Sonder Sorned Snored Redons Indoor Odeons Noosed Dosers Drones Droner Sondes Resods Dosser Orders Dorser Rodeos Roosed Nodose Sordor Ironed Donsie Dories Diners Snider Oroide Noised Onside Rinsed Snoods Dinero Resids Riders Driers Derris Rondos Donors Rosins Orison Enosis Eosins Rooser Rooses Essoin Ossein Noises Noesis Nosier Senior Irones Ironer Snores Rosier Risers Sirens Serins Nooser Osiers Seisor Sooner Rinses Snorer Rinser Sorner Senors Sensor Resins Nooses Sonsie

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Hyped Hypos Sophy Phony Hypes Hyper Syphs Hoody Dishy Hydro Yodhs Hyoid Horsy Hyson Perdy Dopey Hooey Henry Hosey Herry Shyer Honey Shiny Hissy Horny Pyoid Hoped Ephod Pryer Spiry Perry Sysop Pyres Ships Poohs Hoops Prosy Pyros Phono Phons Poesy Yipes Piney Peony Phone Sepoy Ephor Hopes Ropey Hoper Preys Shops Sophs Spiny Porny Pyins Rynds Hosed Shoed Shied Yirds Dynes Herds Sidhe Donsy Synod Horde Oohed Sherd Doyen Honed Shend Nerdy Hinds Sheds Dyers Redry Derry Dryer Hider Hides Rindy Shred Hoods Hired Herns Hoers Horse Noisy Hosen Shone Pends Hones Spend Irony Yonis Heros Nosey Syren Onery Yirrs Eyrir Snyes Shoes Shore Shoer Hoses Sooey Hoser Oyers Shris Shirr Dopes Posed Dipso Spode Shoon Drips Honor Ponds Sinhs Poods Shins Dorps Rhino Droop Roshi Honer Poind Siped Spied Redip Riped Sonsy Shoos Pried Shorn Horns Pride Drops Hirer Yores Heirs Hires Doper Shier Pooed Sorry Shine Prods Hoise Pedro Pined Heron Serry Shire Roped Pored Shies Speir Sopor Spier Peons Poons Spoon Spire Opens Spies Pions Opsin Porns Pisos Proso Sipes Priss Posse Poses Prone Snoop Pross Porno Prose Poser Press Pores Repos Poori Prior Ropes Spore Snips Spins Ripes Pesos Pirns Spoor Orpin Prion Roper Repro Pones Repin Ripen Spine Snipe Pines Peins Penis Opine Poise Riper Prise Peris Piers Pries Prier Doses Donor Rondo Snood Dinos Doors Rinds Roods Dress Ordos Odors Resid Rides Dries Rider Drier Sired Odeon Sides Direr Diner Dines Nides Eidos Snide Doers Order Rodeo Doser Rodes Rosed Resod Redos Sneds Sends Nosed Sonde Nodes Drone Redon Nerds Rends Sored Dorrs Sords Dross Snore Osier Senor Resin Rinse Noses Risen Reins Noris Ornis Rosin Noirs Irons Riser Orris Sones Noose Sines Sorns Oorie Sires Rises Siren Serin Sores Noise Roose Eosin Roses Irone Sorer

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Definition of the word Hydronephrosis, Meaning of Hydronephrosis word :
n. - An accumulation of urine in the pelvis of the kidney, occasioned by obstruction in the urinary passages.

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