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Shred Sherd Third Hosed Shoed Dhoti Doeth Heder Heeds Horde Herds Hides Shied Dhole Holed Sidhe Hoods Oohed Holds Hired Hider Shore Litho Heros Hoser Thiol Hosel Thirl Helos Holes Shoer Lehrs Herls Horse Hoers Thole Hotel Ethos Shote Throe Other Rishi Those Helot Sheol Short Horst Sooth Shoot Ether Sheer Heres Hoots Lethe Holts Sloth Heels Ortho Helio Sheet Three There These Thoro Lithe Hoise Heirs Shiel Shool Heils Shirt Hires Their Heist Hilts Ither Shire Shier Hoist Roshi Shorl Hiree Resid Odist Doits Dries Dirts Tiled Eidos Droit Ootid Tried Solid Soldi Dirls Tired Rides Sired Slide Sidle Idler Riled Dolts Oldie Oiled Odors Doors Deils Delis Drool Dolor Soldo Isled Idles Lords Sloid Loids Sited Stied Tides Edits Doers Redos Doser Rodeo Delts Older Looed Doles Lodes Toled Soled Resod Rodes Idiot Deist Drest Irids Diols Lidos Idols Dotes Doest Sored Rosed Doter Trode Diets Dites Ordos Tilde Redes Drees Reeds Elide Edile Roods Eider Elder Erode Deles Deers Seder Steed Deets Stood Treed Sered Teiid Deter Loots Trois Stool Leers Tiler Loose Sotol Lotos Trios Loser Orles Roles Tirls Riots Rotis Lores Torsi Tiros Oleos Torso Tiles Stile Istle Roost Resit Oorie Osier Roots Rites Toros Islet Rotos Tries Tiers Rotls Tires Tools Roset Relit Olios Stole Telos Toles Loris Roils Triol Sorel Lirot Roose Torii Torse Tores Rotes Store Toils Siree Elite Retie Leets Reels Reset Stere Sleet Steel Trees Terse Relet Litre Reest Steer Liers Ester Stele Teels Teles Teloi Toile Solei Erose Riels Looie Riles Liter Slier Reoil Oriel Oiler

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Definition of the word Holosiderite, Meaning of Holosiderite word :
n. - Meteoric iron, a meteorite consisting of metallic iron without stony matter.

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