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Heterophyllous is a scrabble word? Yes (25 Points) Heterophyllous has worth 25 Scrabble points.

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Trophy Phyllo Hypers Poshly Sphery Sypher Phytol Typhus Phooey Plushy Shelly Hoyles Hurley Thresh Youths Shorty Shelty Heresy Hooeys Lushly Thrush Thyrse Hourly Theory Hostly Horsey Thusly Ethyls Upshot Uphroe Tophes Ouphes Pusher Tophus Retype Sleepy Thorps Helper Pother Threep Hooper Photos Herpes Sphere Pothos Poyous Posher Sporty Hopers Ephors Yelper Thorpe Pusley Pulley Tepoys Osprey Peyotl Peyote Ptooey Poetry Polyol Purely Pertly Peltry Poorly Plyers Protyl Portly Surety Tellys Solely Hollos Hulloo Heller Tholos Hullos Stoury Tuyers Toyers Hereto Storey Trolly Hotels Tolyls Surely Sleety Hostel Helots Styler Toluyl Steely Sorely Looeys Oyster Housel Sourly Tholes Lusher Lethes Theres Houser Heroes Threes Soothe Holler Hooter Reshoe Huller Tuyere Thurls Ethers Hellos Throes Reshot Others Horste Sultry Hetero Rouths Hurtle Yeller Rushee Hustle Sleuth Yester Tropes Troops Presto Uproot Orlops Letups Poults Pulser Repots Poseur Respot Stoper Poster Porose Topers Porous Stupor Uptore Pouter Roupet Troupe Sprout Purest Erupts Uprose Pollee Pullet Loupes Replot Tupelo Pulers Petrol Splore Petrel Lopers Polers Sloper Proles Repels Poller Lepers Pooler Looper Repoll Elopes Eloper Puller Posole Pellet Pestle Pelter Pester Peruse Rupees Peters Preset Repute Repose Topees Purees Toupee Toller Elutes Torose Tulles Teller Streel Result Lustre Stereo Outsee Rustle Luster Stroll Trolls Toluol Relets Trulls Ulster Sutler Resole Ostler Sterol Ouster Resell Outers Routes Stoure Souter Retell Looser Seller Tousle Looter Solute Retuse Torous Tooler Rootle Retool

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Pushy Sophy Hypos Hypes Hyper Sylph Phyle Hotly Hosey Hurly Holly Youth Shoyu Hooly Shyer Hoyle Ethyl Holey Hooty Hooey Heths Horsy Tushy Rushy Ephor Hoper Pouty Ploys Yelps Hoops Poohs Shlep Plyer Helps Reply Slype Poyou Ouphe Typos Types Photo Potsy Soupy Thesp Pesty Poesy Sepoy Plush Ropey Tophe Preys Roupy Pyres Pyros Tepoy Prosy Hopes Thorp Syrup Pursy Phots Tophs Purty Ouphs Loopy Polys Seepy Peery Phuts Sheep Toyos Sooty Hoots Sully Tolyl Shoot Thoro Ryots Lyres Slyer Rooty Yurts Style Yules Sooth Yores Loury Lousy Shorl Suety Holts Tyres Hurts Hurst Tuyer Sloth Stroy South Thous Shool Shout Routh Hulls Hullo Troys Hollo Ortho Horst Short Tyers Treys Truly Oyers Hours Lusty Toyer Youse Yours Surly Tyros Ruths Rusty Story Thurl Hurls Sooey Helos Holes Shell These Hello Hells Hosel Sheol Lehrs Herls Thole Helot Hotel Looey Eyres Eyers Tyees Shute Usher Yells Telly Hoser Shoer Horse Hoers Heros Shore Other House Those Shote Throe Ethos Ether Seely Lethe Sheer Three Heres Leery Heels Sheet There Stoop Pulls Polls Orlop Sport Strop Loops Prost Polos Pools Spool Spell Sloop Roups Pours Ports Repel Topos Loups Plots Leper Poult Spoor Puree Rupee Peter Peels Troop Spree Sopor Speel Sleep Peles Steep Proso Speer Prese Slurp Peers Purls Prees Perse Peres Topee Toper Repot Trope Estop Loper Prole Loupe Spore Slope Poles Lopes Pesto Poets Stoup Topes Stope Ropes Repos Letup Pulse Turps Pules Spelt Puler Pelts Slept Pores Prose Poser Spurt Spout Poler Sprue Super Elope Pouts Stupe Prest Strep Setup Upset Purse Erupt Lours Leers Rotls Reels Sleet Relet Leets Roost Tours Roots Rotos Torso Toros Torus Stour Routs Roust Tools Tolus Louts Selle Lotus Trees Outer Lores Loser Ester Reest Steer Rouse Reset Outre Route Trues Roset Tules Losel Orles Stere Terse Loose Oleos Tores Rotes Store Roues Roose Reuse Euros Torse Lutes Roles Teels Stele Steel Stole Teles Tulle Stool Sotol Ousel Tells Lotos Loots Telos Toles Louse Trull Stull Sorel Rules Rolls Touse Erose Elute Troll Tolls Lures

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2 Letter word, Total 25 words found made out of Heterophyllous

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Definition of the word Heterophyllous, Meaning of Heterophyllous word :
a. - Having leaves of more than one shape on the same plant.

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