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Tempeh Phloem Oomphs Shlump Humper Morphs Thumps Morpho Hooper Ephors Posher Mosher Hopers Mohels Homers Musher Therms Mother Tophus Smooth Humors Mohurs Mouths Sholom Thrums Photos Pusher Upshot Ouphes Tophes Thorpe Uphroe Pothos Thorps Pother Rheums Sphere Therme Rhemes Threep Helmet Themes Herpes Rehems Helper Semple Mopers Proems Temper Promos Temple Pelmet Lumper Trompe Rumple Tromps Upmost Pumelo Pomelo Septum Plumes Trumps Metope Sempre Tempos Hooter Rushee Soothe Threes Hurtle Hustle Lusher Seethe Helots Hereto Hostel Hotels Hetero Sleuth Tholes Housel Throes Reshot Others Horste Ethers Theres Houser Heroes Reshoe Rouths Heeler Lethes Reheel Thurls Tholos Estrum Oleums Motels Muster Molest Morels Metols Porose Petrol Emeute Splore Tropes Stoper Lopers Loupes Stupor Morsel Proles Polers Poster Merlot Sloper Respot Repots Presto Replot Molter Topers Mooter Romeos Posole Morose Letups Erupts Purest Uptore Pouter Roupet Troupe Pulser Tepees Metros Lemurs Mouser Looper Pooler Pulers Uprose Poseur Tupelo Moults Pester Peters Osmole Preset Orlops Toupee Motors Mustee Poults Topees Repose Purees Rupees Meeter Seemer Emeers Merles Ormolu Repute Remeet Resume Retems Pestle Petrel Pelter Repels Uproot Elopes Porous Lepers Troops Tumors Remelt Melter Merest Metres Meters Emotes Remote Teemer Relume Meteor Emoter Peruse Esteem Melees Omelet Peeler Sprout Eloper Telome Mestee Sterol Solute Tousle Ostler Retuse Retool Elutes Rootle Tooler Looter Looser Stereo Outsee Routes Outers Souter Stoure Ouster Torose Resole Luster Lustre Result Rustle Relets Streel Ulster Sutler Torous

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Hemps Humps Thump Oomph Morph Therm Plush Homes Rheum Holms Herms Hoops Ephor Poohs Theme Meths Shlep Helps Moths Hemes Mouth Phuts Helms Mohel Musth Thrum Hoper Homer Humor Mohur Rheme Rehem Homos Thorp Sheep Thesp Ouphs Tophs Phots Ouphe Hopes Photo Tophe Plume Tempo Pomes Poems Mopes Romps Proms Promo Pomos Proem Tromp Temps Spume Stomp Rumps Trump Sperm Perms Tumps Stump Moper Lumps Slump Plums Hurls Sloth Heels Shorl Holts Thurl Shoot Hoots Sooth Shool Thoro Ortho Lethe Heros Thous Helos Ruths Hurst Hurts Holes Shote Ether Ethos Throe Other House Those Shore Shoer Heres Hosel Three Sheer There Sheet Horse Hoser Hoers These South Hotel Short Horst Shout Herls Lehrs Usher Thole Shute Hours Routh Sheol Helot Pours Rooms Moors Moots Motor Stoop Trope Repot Ropes Repos Prose Spoor Spore Sopor Strum Tumor Topos Poser Pores Proso Troop Storm Morts Toper Poets Molts Smolt Molto Osmol Looms Mools Solum Moult Prost Mutes Pouts Ports Stoup Spurt Prest Topes Strep Purse Super Sprue Stope Pesto Purls Roups Poult Loups Estop Plots Erupt Setup Strop Loops Orlop Spout Sport Polos Pools Upset Stupe Spool Turps Sloop Slurp Romeo Speer Morel Emote Slope Meres Moles Metol Emeer Emeus Oleum Motel Speel Spree Melee Steep Poler Topee Peter Poles Merls Epees Tepee Merle Sleep Loupe Perse Prees Melts Leper Rupee Lemur Smelt Mules Prese Peels Teems Repel Elope Loper Meter Pulse Metre Muser Mures Prole Letup Terms Remet Serum Puler Puree Meets Metes Pelts Slept Retem Muter Pules Spelt Moose Mores Peres Peers Morse Omers Meous Moues Mouse Tomes Smote Metro Lopes Moste Motes Peles Tolus Lotus Louts Lours Rotls Resee Rotos Toros Torso Roust Routs Stour Torus Tours Roots Roost Steel Sleet Leets Stele Elute Teles Teels Leers Relet Reels Roues Euros Loose Oleos Loser Lores Rouse Torse Tores Roset Reuse Trees Store Rotes Orles Roles Tules Lures Lutes Trues Rules Touse Ousel Outre Outer Sorel Route Stole Louse Toles Telos Terse Stere Ester Sotol Erose Lotos Loots Roose Steer Stool Reset Reest Tools

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Definition of the word Heteropelmous, Meaning of Heteropelmous word :
a. - Having each of the two flexor tendons of the toes bifid, the branches of one going to the first and second toes, those of the other, to the third and fourth toes. See Illust. in Append.

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