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Yoghs Gushy Hooty Horsy Hyson Synth Horny Honey Henry Rushy Shyer Hosey Hooey Tushy Shoyu Youth Yogee Gyros Gorsy Sough Ought Greys Gursh Tough Shrug Thugs Gyres Goosy Goths Ghost Gusty Surgy Gutsy Rough Gyrus Gouty Stogy Guyot Gooey Thegn Thong Gyron Hongs Ghees Henge Young Goony Teugh Huger Heron Shute Tuyer Honer Ruths Hones Shone Rusty Nutsy Yores Yurts Thens Horse Hents Shent Hosen Oyers Other Throe Shoer Tyros Shore Ethos Herns Hoers Heros House Hoser Shote Those Usher Rooty Entry Sheen Thorn Hunts Shunt Treys Tyers Teeny Yente North Shorn Shoon Tyees Stony Shout Toyer Eyers Eyres Horns Sooty Toyos Troys Routh Sooey These Ether There Three Sheet Sheer Hours Shoot Hoots Thoro Ortho Sooth Tynes Heres Short Horst South Syren Runty Hurst Nosey Toney Ryots Hurts Story Onery Stroy Suety Yourn Honor Thous Yours Youse Toyon Tyres Gouts Trugs Grout Gusto Trogs Grots Goons Tongs Ungot Rungs Sorgo Outgo Tungs Stung Grunt Erugo Goose Guest Urges Surge Grues Goner Genro Segno Negus Gents Genus Segue Ergot Geste Geest Goers Rouge Gorse Ogees Togue Egret Serge Reges Grees Greet Ogres Egest Egers Genre Gores Rogue Green Tenge Genet Genes Reset Treen Terne Rente Enure Sente Enter Sneer Ernes Teens Tense Toros Torso Reuse Rotos Roots Roost Trees Terse Erose Ensue Ester Reest Stere Steer Turns Runes Nurse Terns Tuner Runts Tunes Tours Stern Rents Seton Onset Notes Torus Steno Stone Nerts Unset Roose Snoot Outre Outer Rouse Toons Route Trues Snort Touse Roues Euros Snout Tonus Roset Rotes Torse Tores Store Stour Tones Routs Roust Trone Noter Toner Tenor Snore Noose Senor Rouen

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Definition of the word Heterogynous, Meaning of Heterogynous word :
a. - Having females very unlike the males in form and structure, -- as certain insects, the males of which are winged, and the females wingless.

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