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Heterogamous is a scrabble word? Yes (18 Points) Heterogamous has worth 18 Scrabble points.

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Ogham Shame Hames Haems Harem Herma Marsh Tharm Maths Harms Mouth Thrum Musth Moths Mohur Homos Humor Mahoe Hemes Theme Rheum Meths Therm Herms Homer Homes Rheme Rehem Gerah Ghees Garth Saugh Ghats Ghost Huger Teugh Goths Sough Shrug Thugs Gursh Tough Ghaut Ought Ghast Rough Aught Surah Trash Ogams Horas Omega Shoat Harts Torah Hosta Oaths Tahrs Heres Thous South Sheer Hurst Ether Ruths Hurts Gorms Shout Horst Short Hours Mages Games There Three Gaums Magus Grams Merge Hoars Sagum Gamut These Sheet Gamer Routh Magot Gomer Haute Heats Hates Heart Rathe Haets Haste Marge Hater Earth Shote Those Ethos Throe Other House Ortho Shute Thoro Usher Shore Shoer Hears Hares Rheas Share Shear Hoser Horse Hoers Heros Grume Germs Gemot Groom Regma Hoots Shoot Sooth Geums Morse Moste Tomes Meous Mores Smote Omers Metro Motes Teems Moose Romeo Ramee Ameer Meres Emote Meter Metre Retem Remet Meets Metes Emeus Marts Morae Muter Mares Mates Meats Satem Tumor Storm Ramet Tamer Morts Steam Tames Mures Muser Serum Strum Amuse Teams Terms Moots Motor Marse Moues Mouse Mater Moors Rooms Armet Smear Maser Reams Amour Amort Atoms Moats Roams Moras Mutes Mauts Ramus Smart Trams Arums Muras Stoma Rogue Erugo Ergot Grate Togue Rouge Gorse Goose Ogres Togae Gores Goers Gater Targe Sarge Agues Stage Getas Sager Gates Usage Tegua Terga Agers Urges Surge Grues Great Retag Argue Auger Gears Rages Rugae Guest Ogees Egers Reges Grees Sorgo Serge Sugar Gaurs Guars Segue Greet Egret Egest Geest Geste Outgo Agree Eager Eagre Gusto Gouts Grout Grots Trogs Trugs Argus Ragee Sargo Argot Togas Goats Groat Gator Rotes Roset Roose Store Routs Stour Torus Tours Roust Torso Roost Roots Rotos Toros Route Touse Trues Outre Outer Torse Euros Roues Rouse Tores Reest Urate Erose Ester Reset Stere Steer Tease Saute Terse Trees Tares Arete Eater Ursae Reuse Urase Aures Tears Setae Autos Roast Ratos Rotas Sorta Toras Taros Sutra Ureas Erase Saree Oater Toeas Aster Rates Stoae Orate Stare Resat Arose

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Homo Mhos Mosh Ohms Herm Home Hums Moth Them Mush Meth Ahem Haem Hame Sham Math Mash Mesh Heme Harm Hems Shmo Hams Hags Gash Shag Ghat Shog Huge Goth Gush Hugs Ghee Thug Sugh Ughs Gosh Hogs Gums Mugs Grum Smug Resh Hers Eths Hest Hues Hets Shoe Hose Hoer Hero Hoes Thee Here Mage Mega Game Mogs Gorm Germ Gems Megs Geum Smog Thou Gams Gram Ogam Mags Gaum Rhus Rush Thae Hour Haes Shea Thro Rhea Oath Hora Hoar Host Hots Haet Hate Eath Tosh Shot Soth Shut Thus Huts Hurt Ruth Thru Tush Hear Heat Hoot Rash Oohs Shoo Hast Hats Hart Hare Rath Shat Tahr Haut Rhos Omer More Same Mesa Maes Seam Team Tame Meta Term Meat Mate Mure Muse Ream Mare Emus Mute Stem Mora Roam Tram Arum Mart Rams Mura Mast Maut Amus Tams Mats Moas Soma Arms Mars Moat Atom Some Moue Mort Rems Most Meou Tome Mors Roms Mots Muts Must Smut Stum Rums Toms Sumo Toom Mere Emes Seme Seem Moot Meet Moor Mote Emeu Mete Teem Moos Room Goos Grot Trog Tugs Agee Guts Gust Togs Gout Rugs Trug Goas Ogee Eger Gees Gree Ergo Goer Gore Egos Ogre Sago Goat Gaur Guar Grat Rags Toga Gars Ruga Tags Stag Gats Gast Goes Urge Grue Geta Gate Gest Regs Sego Ager Gear Rage Ague Gets Tegs Ages Sage Gaes Ergs Eras Ears Toea Soar Ares Arse Sear Oust Osar Outs Rust Ruts Oars Tour Sera Rase Ours Sour Rout Tors Root Roto Toro Seat Sate Etas Eats Ates Urea Tare Aero East Rots Sort Rate Tear Orts Soot Teas Seta Oots Rato Suet Utes True User Ruse Suer Sure Sora Tees Rees Seer Tree Rete Sere Rues Sore Rose Eros Ores Roes Rote Rest Rets Tres Erst Toes Tore Euro Roue Ease Tars Rats Tsar Sura Ursa Arts Tora Taro Rota Oast Oats Auto Taos Stoa Star Utas Taus

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Definition of the word Heterogamous, Meaning of Heterogamous word :
a. - The condition of having two or more kinds of flowers which differ in regard to stamens and pistils, as in the aster.

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