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Huffed Haffet Shroff Duffer Doffer Offend Naffed Shaduf Fashed Draffs Afford Hafted Ruffed Afresh Father Shofar Trefah Hafter Offset Setoff Effort Offers Truffe Suffer Foehns Ruffes Runoff Fourth Froths Endash Reshod Fondus Founds Dehorn Hordes Horsed Hander Harden Hunted Faders Fasted Rafted Farted Dafter Fedora Shared Defats Shroud Drouth Horned Unshed Dasher Shader Unshod Hounds Hanted Hosted Housed Frauds Drafts Turfed Rushed Hondas Hadron Dehort Thoued Tushed Funder Refund Fondue Fantod Noshed Surfed Hasted Shuted Fonder Dearth Hatred Shored Fronds Deaths Thread Hoards Dourah Dhurna Ahorse Hoarse Thanes Hausen Snathe Hasten Furans Anther Earths Thenar Ashore Haters Horste Foetus Forest Fetors Fortes Foster Funest Softer Soften Herons Reshot Others Throes Houser Hunter Senhor Nosher Honers Hornet Nother Honest Ethnos Throne Hearts Author Torahs Onrush Thorns Rouths Norths Haunts Shoran Futons Unhats Founts Faster Frusta Furane Feuars Strafe Afters Unsafe Fronts Fasten Atoned Nursed Trends Undoes Donate Stoned Anodes Sorned Sonder Sunder Snored Drones Enduro Rodent Redons Undoer Toused Ousted Toured Routed Duster Rudest Rusted Redout Detour Sorted Doters Tendus Nudest Stored Strode Uredos Soured Roused Douser Rounds Rotund Stroud Stound Donuts Untrod Turned Trades Stared Treads Derats Soudan Adores Around Oreads Sarode Daunts Douras Tundra Soared Strand Adorns Andros Radons Sundae Orated Daters Autoed Staned Unread Redans Denars Sander Snared Ranted Ardent Sauted Atoner Senora Arseno Reason Ornate Atones Stoure Souter Routes Ouster Outers Unseat Arouse Osetra Orates Oaters Urates Astern Antres Sterna Nature Trones Rouens Outran Tauons Nestor Tronas Tensor Toners Tenors Stoner Noters Tenour Unrest Tuners Santur

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Huffs Daffs Draff Offed Duffs Doffs Foehn Frosh Fresh Teffs Forth Sheaf Froth Fohns Stuff Snuff Toffs Ruffs Hefts Tuffs Naffs Raffs Staff Ruffe Hafts Shaft Offer Heads Hades Doeth Shoed Hosed Unfed Shade Sadhe Shred Herds Sherd Heard Hared Horde Hated Feuds Fonds Frond Fondu Fords Honed Shend Fused Funds Sadhu Hadst Fraud Honda Draft Fards Fends Feods Fados Odahs Ashed Hards Shard Hoard Hands Deash Found Defat Fades Fated Thuds Fared Hurds Death Fader Hound Snarf Often Furan Softa Fatso Fauns Snafu Sofar Ferns Faros Unhat Hoars Horas Torah Rafts Haunt Tufas Sharn Snath Hants Frats Hosta Surah Trash Fanos Farts Tahrs Shoat Oaths Harts Other Tofus Turfs Fours Forts Frost Thorn North Horns Shorn Futon Fount Fores Frena Afore Fanes Fonts Front Frons Hunts Thous South Shout Ruths Hurts Hurst Shunt Horst Short Routh Hours Hoser Shoer Shore Horse Heros Hoers Haute Throe Haets Ethos Haste Hates Fares Thens Frets Fetus Heron Ofter Forte Froes Fetor Honer Hents Shent Herns Shone Hones Hosen Shote Heats Usher Rathe Ashen Hanse Feuar Fetas Feats Safer After Shute Fates Feast Thane Neath Rheas Share Earth Shear Hears Hater Those House Hares Fears Heart Sudor Duros Anode Radon Dunts Anted Durst Sedan Turds Toads Adore Nosed Donas Sonde Nurds Durns Stade Noted Rated Dears Dares Adorn Duras Sound Nodus Udons Donut Round Oared Oread Redan Sarod Tardo Doura Roads Dorsa Datos Nards Darns Rands Trade Tread Saned Deans Nodes Tared Dates Denar Doats Daunt Sated Stand Rased Andro Doest Dotes Douse Uredo Tsade Tuned Drone Drest Rodes Outed Tendu Redon Resod Redos Doser Rosed Sored Dater Doers Derat Trode Darts Doter Nudes Stead Dauts Dunes Trend Nuder Under Adust Drats Duets Druse Tends Dures Rends Nerds Reads Toned Trued Dents Onset Antre Etnas Tenor Usnea Toner Noter Trone Stane Antes Rouen Neats Nates Atone Euros Roues Arose Terns Torse Rouse Outre Outer Stern Tores Nurse Tuner Unset Tunes Store Rotes Roset Runes Route Rents Saner Snare Nears Nares Earns Stone Seton Snore Steno Senor Oaten Touse Trues Nerts Tones Aeons Notes Oater Santo Tauon Tarns Rants Trona Sonar Arson Roans Autos Runts Tonus Snout Snort Turns Sutra Tours Torus Stour Roust Routs Tunas Aunts Trans Ratos Toras Taros Sorta Roast Rotas Saute Urate Ureas Aster Toeas Orate Stoae Rates Resat Aures Urase Tears Tares Stare Ursae

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Huff Daff Doff Duff Fehs Haft Fash Teff Effs Ruff Raff Tuff Fohn Toff Offs Naff Heft Thud Hued Herd Haed Hods Fund Ford Fuds Fond Shod Edhs Shed Head Doth Feud Deft Ahed Fade Deaf Hand Odah Daft Fads Feod Fard Fado Hard Dahs Feds Shad Dash Fend Hoed Ohed Hade Hone Funs Fort Font Fons Four Soft Turf Surf Furs Tofu Hues Hose Hoes Hoer Hero Shoe Hers Hets Hest Eths Resh Horn Hons Hurt Rush Rhus Thou Ruth Thru Tush Thus Shut Huts Tosh Soth Hunt Shun Huns Nosh Rhos Thro Shot Hots Host Hour Then Hent Efts Tref Reft Fret Fest Fets Hens Hern Fuse Feus Serf Refs Fern Fens Foes Froe Fore Enuf Oath Hora Hoar Rash Hart Hear Tahr Rath Than Hant Fast Raft Frat Fats Tufa Rhea Haes Hare Haen Fare Fear Haut Hast Fate Feta Hats Shat Frae Safe Fart Arfs Faun Shea Eath Faro Fora Sofa Oafs Fans Fano Thae Heat Haet Hate Feat Fane Soda Ados Odas Dart Toad Doat Read Daut Dear Dare Sard Dato Drat Trad Tads Dura Rads Dots Dore Doer Unde Redo Nude Dune Sned Send Tend Dent Rude Dure Rued Teds Sued Dues Reds Toed Does Dose Dote Odes Ends Dens Dean Date Done Sade Nerd Rend Node Used Rode Rand Ands Dans Sand Odea Nard Turd Dust Stud Orad Road Urds Dona Durn Nurd Duet Dors Dunt Undo Surd Nods Udon Dons Rods Duns Tods Dost Duos Ouds Darn Udos Duro Sord Dour Trod Tors Rust Rest Oust Tres Sort Sure Orts Rots Rues Ruts Rets Rout Tour Sour Ours Outs Ruse User Suer Runs Torn Sorn Snot Tons Erst Stun Nuts Tuns Utes Suet Turn Runt Nous Onus Unto Urns True Anes Roan Rate Tare Tear Sera Sear Eras Rase Urea Ates Seat Seta Teas Sate Etas East Eats Naos Nota Stoa Taos Auto Oats Oast Taro Tora Arts Rats Ursa Taus Utas Sura Tsar Star Tars Rota Rato Ants Tans Anus Tarn Rant Aunt Tuna Sora Soar Oars Osar Ears Tune Eons Noes Roue Sent Ores Eros Euro Nose Ones Tern Toes Erns Rune Tone Sone Note Rent Arse Aero Neat Etna Rote Toea Roes Ares Rose Sore Tens Tore Earn Aeon Ante Nest Sane Near Nets

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Definition of the word Foundershaft, Meaning of Foundershaft word :
n. - The first shaft sunk.

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