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There are total 14 letters in Foreshortening, Starting with F and ending with G.

Foreshortening is a scrabble word? Yes (21 Points) Foreshortening has worth 21 Scrabble points.

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9 Letter word, Total 54 words found made out of Foreshortening

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7 Letter word, Total 246 words found made out of Foreshortening

Frights Hefting Fighter Refight Foghorn Freight Hoofing Hoofers Fresher Shifter Frother Refresh Freshet Hefters Thereof Freshen Fishnet Heifers Heftier Hooting Shooing Horsing Reefing Giftees Feigner Shoring Reforge Freeing Nothing Noshing Hongies Forgone Hosting Gorhens Forgoer Sighter Hognose Grifter Rehinge Foreign Fingers Fringes Goofier Roofing Resight Herring Throngs Shoeing Greenth Henting Forgets Hingers Horning Footing Righter Forgoes Hogties Forgers Nighest Ogreish Tinhorn Tonnish Hornist Hornito Reshoot Sheroot Hooters Hornier Thinner Shooter Soother Rhetors Shorter Heroins Inshore Onshore Honorer Nonhero Horrent Norther Thrones Shorten Hornets Shortie Hoister Hinters Histone Ethions Hootier Horsier Heriots Heritor Festoon Eftsoon Fornent Fronter Refront Reroofs Frontes Forties Rotifer Snifter Inferno Roofies Footier Footsie Footies Roofers Foetors Footers Fronton Reshine Neither Therein Theines Inheres Henries Heroine Errhine Herries Rehires Heteros Toeshoe Thereon Heister Honoree Reshone Refines Ferries Refires Refries Refiner Fernier Fennier Ferrite Oftener Ferrets Forints Thorons Tongers Engines Stoning Sorning Sooting Rooting Roosing Grister Orgones Gentoos Sorting Storing Rontgen Trigons Nonegos Snoring Noosing Goriest Gorsier Regents Regrets Gerents Ginners Grinner Renting Ringent Integer Goitres Ionogen Negroni Trogons Nesting Treeing Genoise Genitor Eringos Ignores Regions Signore Tensing Goosier Gooiest Goiters Stinger Resting Soignee Ringers Goonier Noogies Goonies Isogone Ignorer Greisen Ionones Stonier Orients Oestrin Roister Intoner Interns Toreros Rioters Sootier Rootier Rooters Snorter Ironers Tension Intones Enroots Ternion Tonners Erosion Rooster Tinners Isotone Toonies Norites Estrone Tenners Rennets Tenoner Renters Rerents Sterner Enteron Trienes Retines Retires Terries Retries Restore Entries Entires Nitroso Torsion Notions Introns Rerisen Onerier Tennies Intense Reinter Rentier Terrine Interne Ronions

6 Letter word, Total 323 words found made out of Foreshortening

Fright Fights Foehns Hoofer Froths Fisher Shrift Sherif Fetish Friths Firths Hereof Hefter Heifer Fringe Honing Finger Feigns Feting Fogies Forges Gofers Forger Forego Friges Gonefs Forget Hinges Sorgho Thongs Throng Girths Righto Griths Rights Ogrish Oohing Thegns Gorhen Eights Things Nights Sigher Hogtie Hoeing Hosing Hinger Nigher Neighs Griefs Gonofs Forgot Grifts Feeing Giftee Henges Gonifs Thorns Tonish Rhinos Foetor Honors Footer Ninths Fetors Inhere Roofer Reroof Theine Rehire Soften Forest Fortes Softer Foster Herein Theins Hinter Hosier Enserf Hirers Heriot Shrine Shiner Refers Ferret Freres Freers Ethion Theirs Frisee Hornet Fronts Nother Throne Honest Ethnos Senhor Nosher Refine Refire Ferine Herons Honers Heroin Fester Reshot Throes Others Rhetor Horste Soothe Freest Hooter Forint Reshoe Footie Roofie Norths Infest Nether Forrit Firers Either Softie Hereon Finest Threes Thoron Theres Ethers Foison Feints Hereto Infers Hetero Fortis Heroes Refits Frites Resift Rifest Hirees Strife Friers Sifter Trogon Strong Greens Genres Gerent Regent Gentes Genets Teeing Signee Seeing Genies Engine Serger Regret Greets Egrets String Grison Engirt Girons Ingest Signet Gooier Tinges Groins Singer Stooge Ringer Isogon Toning Rigors Reigns Renigs Signer Sering Resign Gorier Rosing Ingots Stingo Genros Tigons Trigon Nonego Soring Gentoo Orgone Goners Tonger Goitre Goiter Orgies Egoist Stogie Tigers Rerigs Signor Toeing Erring Trigos Griots Ginner Ensign Region Goonie Soigne Nosing Rogers Noting Ergots Ignore Eringo Gonion Noogie Onions Torero Ronion Torose Rooter Intron Nitons Nitros Orison Rotors Intros Notion Retros Roster Sorter Storer Resort Rooser Intone Inners Ionone Renins Sinner Sinter Triens Nitres Niters Insert Inters Trines Otiose Tories Triose Sortie Rioter Rosier Inerts Estrin Toonie Ironer Tennis Sennit Intern Tinner Irones Nosier Tonier Rinser Orient Norite Senior Seiner Serein Nereis Eosine Serine Entire Rerise Sirree Soiree Triene Retine Retire Resite Terser Rester Retore Stereo Rerose Treens Renter Rerent Sennet Tenner Reties Rennet Enters Nester Tenser Ternes Resent Rentes Renest Triers Nestor Noters Stoner Tenors Sooner Enroot Tenons Retorn Sorner Snorer Nooser Tensor Tonner Sonnet Trones Toners Nonets Tonnes

5 Letter word, Total 326 words found made out of Foreshortening

Fight Fresh Firth Thief Hoofs Forth Frosh Foehn Fohns Shift Froth Hefts Frith Gonif Eight Thegn Nighs Girsh Shogi Thing Night Hongi Ohing Gonof Forgo Gifts Grift Frigs Goofs Neigh Frogs Hinge Sight Girth Grith Right Thong Ghees Hongs Henge Ghost Goths Forge Gonef Fogie Grief Gofer Feign Hoers Horse Heros Frost Hones Hoser Shore Shoer Hosen Their Ither Forts Short Rifts Thorn North Those Shote Ethos Shent Roshi Herns Throe Shone Other Horst Infos Foins Fonts Refer Hirer Hents Heron Feres Honer Hoots Foots Finos Shirr Shine Ortho Thoro Roofs Thens Hoise Foist Freer Firns Thein Thine Frere Frees Shirt Hoist Hints First Front Shire Frits Heist Shier Thins Heirs Sooth Shoot Reefs Fetes Hires Rhino Horns Frons Firer Frier Sheen Infer Fines Neifs Feint Honor Refit Serif Frore Fores Ferns Shoon Hiree Feist Often Froes Reifs Ninth Frets Rifer Ofter Forte Frise Fries Fires Fetor Ether There Three Sheet These Shorn Finer Heres Sheer Groin Giron Rings Griot Giros Trogs Grots Grist Grits Trigs Girts Goons Sorgo Tongs Trigo Grins Girns Ingot Tigon Sting Tings Rigor Ogres Ergot Gorse Gores Tiger Gites Rerig Tinge Segni Sengi Genro Goner Roger Goers Goose Gents Segno Renig Reign Geest Geste Egest Greet Genes Genet Green Genre Genie Siege Tenge Ogees Serge Egret Reges Grees Egers Singe Nitro Orris Nerts Stone Trois Trios Trone Tores Torsi Steno Rotis Tones Seton Tiros Notes Onset Riots Onion Sorer Sneer Treen Terne Rente Enter Ernes Terns Siree Rotes Store Seine Torse Roset Retro Stern Nenes Retie Roose Sente Irons Noirs Trees Terse Noris Rosin Intro Ornis Stere Steer Erose Niton Tense Teens Serer Rents Reset Reest Ester Riser Senti Stein Irone Nites Rotor Roost Noise Eosin Neons Nones Inner Tonne Tiers Renin Tenon Nines Nonet Tines Roots Reins Niter Nitre Torso Trine Inter Inert Rites Tires Tries Toros Rotos Risen Rinse Resin Serin Neist Inset Siren Oorie Snort Snore Osier Tenor Toner Noter Trier Torrs Noons Resit Toons Noose Senor Snoot

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Definition of the word Foreshortening, Meaning of Foreshortening word :
n. - Representation in a foreshortened mode or way.

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