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There are total 11 letters in Flagrancies, Starting with F and ending with S.

Flagrancies is a scrabble word? Yes (17 Points) Flagrancies has worth 17 Scrabble points. Each letter point as below.

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Facing Facies Fiance Fecial Facile Farcie Farces Facers Falces Fiacre Fracas Facias Facial Felsic Fascia Faecal Faciae Fincas Carafe Francs Califs Fiscal Fringe Reflag Flings Griefs Feigns Friges Flange Ganefs Finger Faring Fagins Fanega Agrafe Fangas Arcing Cering Glacis Cringe Caring Racing Clings Garlic Incage Infers Cigars Clangs Graces Cagier Agaric Faenas Glance Fraena Cagers Casing Glaces Falser Farles Ferals Flares Lacing Frails Fraise Flanes Elfins Fliers Safari Lifers Rifles Filers Ferias Flairs Ferial Farina Finale Falsie Finals Fainer Infare Canals Carnal Lascar Racial Craals Carina Crania Caesar Arnica Acinar Arecas Linacs Cairns Carlin Arcane Calesa Anlace Aecial Caners Inlace Clines Slicer Relics Eclair Nacres Cranes Casern Rances Scaler Lacier Lances Cleans Lancer Scalar Lacers Clears Incase Carnie Casein Sacral Caries Rascal Sclera Carles Cerias Ericas Regnal Regain Reagin Regina Angles Angels Sagier Lingas Ligans Liangs Signal Argils Rasing Grains Grails Glairs Lasing Aligns Angler Gnarls Easing Algins Glares Linger Ingles Single Grilse Renigs Reigns Ligers Gainer Gleans Singer Signer Sering Resign Sanger Ranges Argles Lagers Larges Angers Agrias Raglan Earing Agnail Argali Sangar Graals Argals Lagans Anlage Linage Glaire Ligase Silage Genial Galena Aglare Galeas Alegar Laager Nasial Nairas Lanais Lianas Salina Narial Arenas Anears Aerial Realia Aliner Linear Nailer Elains Lianes Saline Silane Alines Aliens Renail Liners Ariels Larine Learns Arisen Arsine Serial Resail Sailer Serail

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Fecal Facer Calfs Franc Scarf Farci Finca Calif Faces Cafes Farce Flics Facia Fices Clefs Fagin Feign Grief Flags Ganef Frigs Fangs Fling Fanga Frags Cigar Reifs Neifs Frise Fires Fries Acing Safer Fears Fares Leafs Frena Fanes Fleas False Ferns Clang Clags Crags Scrag Fines Farle Feral Flare Alefs Feria Afire Serif Snarf Genic Farls Flans Infer Fairs Fiars Grace Cages Alfas Cager Glace Faena Cling Frail Flirs Flair Filar Final Alifs Fails Naifs Infra Firns Flies Elfin Rifle Flier Files Afars Filer Finer Lifer Nicer Cines Slice Ceils Relic Since Cires Rices Cries Cline Carls Scale Laces Caner Crane Acnes Rance Nacre Alecs Lacer Lance Clean Carle Clear Carns Narcs Canes Scena Cairn Naric Cains Linac Laics Salic Serac Scare Acres Cares Races Clans Escar Carse Sacra Craal Canal Saice Aecia Acari Areca Ileac Areic Erica Ceria Lings Agars Ragas Graal Grins Girns Again Agria Gnars Grans Galea Algae Rings Slang Glans Galas Sling Algas Argil Glair Grana Angas Liang Align Ligan Linga Sanga Grail Glias Ragis Alang Girls Saiga Gnarl Signa Gains Argal Sigla Garni Grain Lagan Algin Segni Sengi Rages Sager Sarge Singe Gears Agers Argle Glare Lager Large Glean Angle Agile Aegis Angel Regal Range Regna Glens Anger Gales Ingle Renig Reign Liger Risen Siren Serin Rinse Resin Slier Liner Reins Riels Riles Lines Liers Liens Lenis Snarl Lares Earls Arles Laser Lears Seral Reals Rales Leans Lanes Serai Raise Learn Elans Renal Earns Saner Nears Nares Snare Arise Anise Laari Alias Naira Anlas Nalas Nasal Alans Raias Saran Arias Liana Anile Aline Alien Elain Liane Aisle Ariel Lanai Laris Lairs Areas Liars Rails Liras Arils Areal Slain Snail Ranis Nails Alane Anils Rials Anear Naris Rains Sarin Airns Ansae Arena

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Definition of the word Flagrancies, Meaning of Flagrancies word :
pl. - of Flagrancy

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In Flagrancies F is 6th, L is 12th, A is 1st, G is 7th, R is 18th, N is 14th, C is 3rd, I is 9th, E is 5th, S is 19th letters in Alphabet Series.