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Chefed Chafed Chafes Chafer Fashed Hefted Hafted Trefah Afresh Father Hafter Etched Teched Defect Cheder Deface Detach Chased Chards Hefter Decafs Cashed Thefts Echard Farced Arched Chared Rachet Taches Cheats Chaste Sachet Scathe Charrs Crafts Starch Charts Chaser Farcer Refect Facete Cherts Etches Cheers Reface Faeces Creesh Etcher Archer Arches Search Eschar Chares Farces Facers Thecae Facets Fasted Defats Fatted Rafted Header Heated Deafer Feared Feased Defeat Adhere Dafter Faders Farted Heders Defers Defter Fetted Herder Hasted Deaths Hatted Drafts Thread Hatred Dasher Shader Shared Dearth Harder Freest Heater Hereat Detect Ferret Fetter Reheat Ceased Freers Farers Refers Freres Aether Ceders Tether Creeds Threes Screed Theres Ethers Haeres Hearse Rehear Fearer Afreet Feater Hearer Strafe Cedars Sacred Scared Cadres Carder Catted Redact Traced Cadets Crated Carted Strath Sharer Rather Rasher Fatter Rafter Afters Faster Earths Haters Threat Thetas Hatter Decare Hearts Frater Fester Stacte Certes Erects Resect Terces Secret Career Crease Cerate Tracts Ecarte Create Tercet Reacts Tracer Carter Crates Cartes Recast Carets Caster Scarer Traces Racers Carers Crater Caters Stared Derats Tasted Daters Trades Seared Reseda Erased Treads Derate Teared Redate Reader Drears Darers Trader Dearer Redear Reared Reread Tested Tetrad Darter Tarted Ratted Stated Sedate Seated Detest Deters Desert Rested Retted Teated Teased Tarred Retard Rester Terser Terret Street Setter Tester Retest Stater Easter Aretes Terrae Eaters Reseat Teaser Seater Tearer Retear Searer Eraser Estate Testae Ratter Terras Tarres Tarter Taster Tetras Taters Starer Raters Arrest Raster Rarest Treats

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Definition of the word Farstretched, Meaning of Farstretched word :
a. - Streatched beyond ordinary limits.

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In Farstretched F is 6th, A is 1st, R is 18th, S is 19th, T is 20th, E is 5th, C is 3rd, H is 8th, D is 4th letters in Alphabet Series.