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Epoxy Pyxie Pyxis Pyxes Pyrex Proxy Prexy Xysti Sixty Carex Xeric Poxes Exact Pixes Toxic Coxae Expos Paxes Expat Coxes Taxes Pricy Crepy Retax Raxes Taxer Spicy Spacy Crypt Copay Texas Axite Typic Pyric Extra Ixora Taxis Exits Exist Sexto Sixte Oxter Pacey Pyres Prosy Pyros Preys Cosey Apery Coyer Poesy Raspy Patsy Pasty Party Spray Prays Spiry Yipes Types Potsy Typos Scary Ropey Peaty Pesty Sepoy Payer Repay Piety Tipsy Tepoy Soapy Payor Atopy Spice Crops Corps Pacer Scrip Crape Caper Crisp Recap Scape Space Paces Epics Sepic Price Cripe Epact Capes Coper Pisco Optic Picot Topic Crept Copes Copse Scope Coapt Capos Carpi Copra Scarp Craps Carps Spica Scrap Pacts Aspic Picas Toyer Yores Artsy Satyr Stray Trays Oyers Ryots Tyres Yeast Eyras Resay Sayer Years Treys Stroy Story Troys Tyros Teary Tyers Yetis Pesto Recto Coset Escot Cotes Estop Parts Score Sprat Prats Psoai Stope Topes Poets Pieta Recta Corse Cores Recit Citer Recti Trice Trope Toper Repot Cires Cries Rices Tacos Cesti Cites Opera Patio Saice Ceros Pareo Ascot Costa Strap Coats Coast Crest Sepia Orcas Caret Pater Peart Scart Crits Strop Coati Coria Carts Crate Ocrea Posit Actor Torcs Topis Strip Trips Carte Prate Taper Sport React Strep Ports Prest Poise Paise Coirs Prost Toric Stoic Piers Peris Areic Ceria Pears Spore Repos Ropes Spite Piste Apres Apers Serac Pates Asper Pares Parse Triac Pries Prose Caste Spirt Trace Sapor Proas Spear Aport Sprit Taroc Stirp Erica Spare Prase Poser Stipe Presa Rapes Praos Reaps Paste Pores Peats Taces Septa Pitas Traps Cesta Tapir Tarps Spire Paris Psoae Paseo Pairs Cater Prise Spier Speir Ripes Spait Atrip Tapis Carse Tepas Cares Cates Tapes Scare Spate Races Tripe Acres Escar Cosie Apter Roset Tores Store Rotis Riots Torse Tiros Torsi Rotes Trois Trios Rotas Ostia Stoai Iotas Ratio Resat Stare Tares Tears Tarsi Stria Airts Astir Sitar Stair Rates Aster Arise Raise Serai Irate Retia Terai Toeas Arose Oater Orate Stoae Roast Ratos Sorta Resit Rites Tiers Taros Toras Tires Tries Osier

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Definition of the word Expiscatory, Meaning of Expiscatory word :
a. - Tending to fish out, searching out

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