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Phage Phots Tophs Ouphs Apish Aphis Phuts Phone Thesp Unhip Spahi Hopes Tophe Ouphe Shape Phase Paths Staph Heaps Ephas Tophi Opahs Piths Phons Eight Hogan Ahing Thugs Goths Tough Ought Ghaut Aught Teugh Thegn Sangh Hangs Gnash Saugh Ghats Ghast Sight Hongs Shogi Thing Nighs Night Ghost Thong Neigh Hinge Sough Ohing Hongi Genip Pengo Shoat Oaths Pungs Pongs Hunts Hints Thins Hoist Shunt Pings Pingo Oping Gipon Shone Hosen Hones Hents Heist Hoise Getup Shine Thine Thein Shent Thous Shute Thens Shout South Ethos Shote House Those Unpeg Aping Neath Thane Peags Pages Ashen Spang Hanse Pangs Gapes Haets Haute Haste Hates Heats Snath Haint Hants Saith Ohias Unhat Hosta Haunt Estop Spent Paste Pesto Pates Poise Septa Piste Peats Stipe Netop Pones Peons Opens Spite Poets Paeon Opine Paseo Upset Taupe Psoae Spean Sneap Peans Aspen Napes Neaps Panes Stupe Setup Paise Inept Sepia Topes Paten Stope Spate Pines Snipe Penis Peins Pieta Spine Tapes Tepas Pause Panto Pinot Pions Opsin Pinto Piton Pints Pitas Spait Point Tapis Pants Punas Unapt Patio Input Spout Pouts Piano Nipas Stoup Pains Pians Situp Pinta Pious Topis Psoai Posit Patin Paint Punts Pinas Puton Punto Inapt Sputa Stupa Agues Gouts Stage Tungs Stung Tegua Getas Gusto Usage Aegis Tigon Ingot Sting Tings Using Suing Agone Genoa Togae Genua Agent Ungot Gates Tongs Angst Guest Gaits Guano Gaunt Gnats Stang Gains Signa Giant Gonia Guans Agios Agist Tangs Staig Tinge Sengi Singe Segno Agons Togas Guise Goats Gites Gents Tango Genus Negus Segni Togue Tonga Autos Antis Saint Satin Stain Unais Tains Snout Tonus Units Tunas Aunts Stoai Ostia Iotas Suint Santo Tauon Saute Atone Aeons Tunes Unset Antes Unite Untie Tenia Entia Tinea Etnas Nates Touse Inset Eosin Noise Toeas Stoae Usnea Stane Neats Tines Stein Neist Nites Senti Oaten Etuis Onset Notes Anise Suite Steno Stone Tones Seton

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Pugh Path Ouph Push Hope Pehs Hasp Heap Epha Phut Toph Phot Haps Phon Hips Opah Ship Pith Phis Pish Shop Hops Posh Phat Soph Pash Huge Hogs Gosh Hung Shog Goth Sugh Hugs Gush Hong Nigh Sigh Ghis Ughs Thug Hang Gash Hags Shag Ghat Haet Ping Eath Hate Pegs Heat Thae Pang Pugs Gips Pigs Haes Shea Pong Pung Then Hent Hens Hoes Hose Eths Hest Hets Hues Shoe Hies Haen Hone Thus Tush Shut Tosh Soth Shot Host Hots Thou Huts Haut Ohia Shat Hats Than Oath Hant Ahis Hast Huns Thin Peag Hons Hint Shun Hunt Thio This Hits Hist Shit Sith Gasp Gaps Sinh Nosh Hisn Hins Gape Shin Page Spae Peas Puns Opts Post Punt Sept Spun Peon Open Supe Spue Upon Step Pone Tups Nope Pent Pout Epos Opes Soup Opus Apse Pase Pose Tope Poet Pest Pets Pens Spot Stop Puts Tops Pots Pits Pion Pois Topi Piso Pean Spit Tips Pons Ptui Pane Neap Nips Pins Snip Pint Nape Spin Apes Peso Pate Pita Pias Pine Pein Tape Peat Past Pats Spat Apos Soap Atop Puna Pans Naps Snap Span Tepa Pant Nipa Sipe Pain Pies Pina Pian Upas Taps Sage Goas Guan Gaun Gnat Tang Gate Sago Sang Egis Gnus Guns Snug Gies Tong Gite Nogs Snog Song Sung Tung Gien Nags Gaes Snag Tugs Togs Gout Gust Guts Geta Tags Stag Gats Gits Gane Gaen Toga Goat Gast Ages Ague Agio Agin Gain Gist Agon Ting Genu Gone Gait Sing Gens Engs Negs Gent Sign Gins Goes Egos Tegs Gest Sego Gets Tins Site Unit Unai Tain Nota Snit Etui Naos Anti Ties Into Sine Aits Ions Sati Oust Toes Iota Outs Nits Nose Tons Nest Nous Snot Nets Onus Unto Tone Naoi Tuns Nuts Stun Note Ones Tune Tine Eons Noes Sone Tens Anis Ains Tuis Suit Sain Sent Nite Auto Sane East Anes Taos Oats Oast Stoa Etna Eats Aeon Taus Utas Teas Seta Etas Sate Seat Neat Ante Ants Tans Toea Anus Suet Utes Ates Aunt Tuna

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Definition of the word Epignathous, Meaning of Epignathous word :
a. - Hook-billed, having the upper mandible longer than the lower.

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