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Carmen Caroms Macros Mascot Tomcat Macron Macons Mascon Socman Scream Macers Creams Comate Cameos Tarmac Amtrac Comtes Carman Comose Comers Socmen Comets Caeoma Camera Cornet Censor Crones Recons Roscoe Remans Namers Actors Castor Corset Costar Cooter Stacte Romans Tarocs Ransom Cooers Octant Tomans Coster Racons Racoon Cantor Corona Narcos Acorns Moaner Cottas Scrota Omenta Octans Cotans Matron Contes Stroma Tracts Cottar Carton Contra Craton Enamor Cantos Centos Cranes Metros Somata Ramose Mooter Aromas Motets Manats Atmans Mantas Totems Mottes Romeos Morose Mantes Stamen Cotton Romano Maroon Montes Mentor Escort Mooner Mantra Ramona Mottos Carats Matter Seaman Motors Sancta Carate Arcane Catena Arecas Caesar Arames Ramate Matres Ramets Maters Master Armets Stream Mattes Tamest Tamers Morons Sermon Cottae Costae Octets Manors Recoat Coater Secant Enacts Stance Aments Ramson Marten Traces Recast Sector Scoter Rectos Reacts Crates Carets Cotter Cartes Caster Caters Centas Coarse Casern Caners Tomato Ascent Canter Rances Croton Octane Contos Nostoc Canoer Cornea Oceans Canoes Carnet Nacres Centra Nectar Recant Tanrec Trance Croons Tarots Stator Tortas Rottes Otters Tooter Torose Tortes Toters Aortae Teston Torten Stoner Noters Nestor Reatas Tenors Tensor Rotten Trones Toners Ansate Anears Arenas Enroot Sooner Aortas Attars Strata Tatars Ottars Tartan Tantra Nooser Anatto Ratans Rattan Sonata Ratoon Tronas Senora Reason Arseno Atoner Ornate Notate Atones Antres Astern Taster Stater Rotate Tetras Treats Osetra Orates Sterna Natter Oaters Ratten Taters Ratton Attorn

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Maces Acmes Cames Camas Corms Macon Carom Scram Macer Marcs Crams Camos Macro Comas Mercs Comer Comes Comae Cameo Cream Comet Comte Mason Meats Manos Moans Nomas Toman Soman Monas Teams Manor Roman Matte Tames Satem Steam Crest Metro Omers Morse Mores Moste Motes Motet Tomes Smote Moose Romeo Torcs Scoot Coots Enorm Meson Monte Omens Nomes Motte Totem Rooms Moors Norms Morns Motor Moots Storm Morts Motto Nomos Moons Terms Monos Moron Motts Scorn Corns Crone Scone Cones Recon Matts Atoms Amort Roams Moats Stoma Trams Smart Marts Cento Conte Octet Escot Cotes Mates Conto Coons Croon Coset Recto Scent Cents Oncet Cooer Ceros Score Corse Cores Moras Cater Crate React Tract Atmas Carte Scare Caret Serac Recta Maras Cates Caste Manas Means Scart Morae Atman Manat Trace Maars Omasa Aroma Manta Scatt Races Acnes Canes Rance Nacre Caner Crane Scena Menta Names Mensa Nemas Ament Meant Ocean Canoe Acres Ocrea Cares Carse Escar Tacts Enact Namer Manes Manse Amens Reman Ramen Carts Cesta Armet Carat Tacos Scant Costa Coats Canst Cants Taces Coast Smear Reams Maser Taroc Actor Arame Mares Ascot Orcas Marse Narcs Ramet Acorn Tecta Tacet Areca Aceta Tamer Carns Narco Racon Octan Sacra Cotta Canto Cotan Mater Canso Toons Snoot Saran Antra Ratan Treat Tetra Tater Ottos Stare Resat Rates Tares Tears Notes Anoas Toast Toots Antas Neats State Tones Seton Trets Aster Aorta Steno Stone Saner Snare Onset Antes Tores Store Reata Torse Torta Trona Antre Rotes Noose Areas Nates Stane Noter Roset Arose Senor Snore Rotte Otter Toner Torte Toter Tates Etnas Trone Tenor Ottar Orate Tarot Oater Toeas Stoae Stoat Totes Taste Roost Sorta Roast Rotas Taros Toras Arena Torso Anear Roots Rotos Toros Trans Stent Santo Netts Sonar Roans Arson Tents Snort Rants Tarns Tanto Ratos Earns Nares Antae Roose Ansae Nears Tatar Teats Testa Attar Torts Trots Torot Start Stern Oaten Terns Tarts Rents Nerts Atone Aeons

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Definition of the word Entomostraca, Meaning of Entomostraca word :
n. pl. - One of the subclasses of Crustacea, including a large number of species, many of them minute. The group embraces several orders, as the Phyllopoda, Ostracoda, Copepoda, and Pectostraca. See Copepoda, Phyllopoda, and Cladocera.

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