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Forby Beefy Fubsy Bumfs Boomy Reify Fiery Firry Surfy Unify Furry Ferny Refry Fryer Foyer Ferry Reefy Feyer Fumer Obeys Money Brosy Forbs Briny Firms Femur Meiny Rebuy Burry Merry Forme Buyer Byres Bousy Berry Boyos Fumes Mosey Buoys Inbye Enemy Murry Fibre Roomy Fiber Brief Moory Beery Mousy Moony Fermi Beefs Forms Forum Boney Ebony Emery Feebs Femes Berms Besom Brume Umber Sebum Ombre Omber Brome Ember Berme Imbue Biome Numbs Umbos Bosom Booms Bromo Broom Brims Nosey Fines Finer Infer Yirrs Yonis Froes Fores Youse Syren Sooey Yours Eyers Eyres Sorry Yores Neifs Oyers Yourn Serry Irony Onery Firns Ferns Frise Serif Frons Roofs Furor Fours Fries Fires Frier Finos Rifer Frore Noisy Firer Eyrir Foins Infos Reifs Frees Feres Reefs Fusee Refer Frere Freer Eyrie Mores Menus Morse Rumen Omers Bison Neums Brins Moose Meous Ormer Romeo Moues Muser Mures Serum Monos Biner Robin Mouse Nomos Moons Murre Bruin Omens Rumor Obese Rooms Mires Emirs Miser Rimes Moors Beers Norms Meson Nomes Brine Enorm Biros Brios Morro Brees Muons Mourn Burin Brose Robes Bores Sober Bouse Nomoi Borer Bones Ebons Borne Boner Brens Oboes Ribes Suber Bines Rimer Rubes Munis Biers Minor Birse Burse Bries Brier Onium Minus Rebus Moron Morns Boron Miner Boons Emeus Boson Semen Bosun Monie Burrs Mense Bonus Neems Bourn Burns Neume Murrs Birrs Benes Burro Broos Meres Mesne Miens Boors Merer Mines Moire Rosin Ernes Ruins Sneer Orris Enure Erose Ensue Noirs Noris Ornis Irons Sorer Riser Ourie Sieur Osier Oorie Serin Risen Siren Inure Urine Snore Senor Rouen Rerun Nurse Noose Rinse Resin Siree Seine Irone Eosin Noise Reins Runes Roose Euros Surer Ruers Reuse Serer Rouse Roues

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Definition of the word Embryoniferous, Meaning of Embryoniferous word :
a. - Having an embryo.

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In Embryoniferous E is 5th, M is 13th, B is 2nd, R is 18th, Y is 25th, O is 15th, N is 14th, I is 9th, F is 6th, U is 21st, S is 19th letters in Alphabet Series.