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Mazard Amazed Brazed Zebras Matzas Bazars Amazes Zariba Baizas Zibets Mirzas Baizes Mazers Braize Zirams Brazes Brazas Maizes Zamias Mazier Zareba Razeed Seized Zested Ditzes Azides Zester Ritzes Seizer Zaires Resize Razees Ersatz Beamed Bedims Imbeds Bermed Embeds Ambers Bemist Breams Barmie Embars Timbre Ambeer Bireme Berime Betime Bermes Ambits Embers Bemire Mbiras Timber Bemata Sambar Ambari Amebas Amebae Dermis Admits Dimers Abrade Demits Metred Seabed Debase Abated Abased Mediae Serdab Braids Beader Basted Madras Dirams Disbar Debits Bidets Admire Aramid Amidst Amides Medias Bedsit Disarm Misted Rebids Demise Itemed Adeems Demies Dramas Reamed Remade Edemas Seamed Brides Debris Biders Teamed Damars Meated Debate Marted Dreamt Merdes Dermas Abides Madres Baited Biased Termed Bardes Beards Ardebs Masted Demast Dreams Betide Abider Mitred Bested Tabard Debars Beside Sabred Bredes Breads Breeds Arames Ramate Matres Abatis Reteam Merest Meters Metres Remate Seamer Retime Rabats Ameers Ramees Retems Abaser Matier Misate Miseat Samite Imaret Ramies Abates Abater Aimers Armies Reemit Metier Tamers Stream Timers Remise Smiter Remits Maters Master Armets Merits Mitres Ramets Miters Mister Bistre Biters Bister Bestir Tribes Tabers Barest Breast Baster Berets Betise Beater Berate Terbia Rebait Braise Rebate Rabies Baiter Barite Tamari Amrita Deters Stride Desert Retied Eiders Driest Rested Direst Desire Reedit Dieter Tiered Reside Sedate Seated Teared Redate Teased Aiders Raised Irades Deairs Derate Seared Aeried Dearie Rediae Reseda Erased Ideate Redias Resaid Triads Treads Trades Tirade Stared Derats Daters Stadia Airted Airest Satire Reseat Eaters Seater Teaser Aerate Reatas Arista Raitas Terais Striae Tiaras Tarsia Riatas Resite Aeries Easier Reties Easter Aretes

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Mazed Mazes Bizes Zibet Mirza Amaze Zebra Mazer Mezes Ziram Maize Baize Smaze Braze Zamia Baiza Braza Bazar Matza Sized Adzes Dazes Azide Razed Tzars Zetas Razee Razes Zaire Sizer Seize Sizar Izars Imbed Bedim Embed Ember Berme Berms Brims Bemas Mabes Beams Ameba Embar Bream Amber Abeam Iambs Ambit Bimas Mbira Barms Samba Brede Dimes Meeds Amids Maids Deism Baaed Damar Meted Beedi Demes Drama Deems Diram Dimer Drams Midst Derms Mired Rimed Admit Bride Barde Ardeb Abide Edema Adeem Dribs Birds Tamed Bared Drabs Darbs Sabed Based Beads Brads Bards Tabid Rabid Demit Bated Timed Debar Beard Bread Disme Amide Media Aimed Bidet Braid Rebid Bides Bider Dream Meads Armed Dames Mated Merde Debit Breed Debts Derma Madre Smart Trams Retem Ramet Marts Teems Steam Tames Teams Brits Satem Metes Tamer Mates Meats Meets Beers Amirs Mairs Simar Tamis Maist Brees Beret Bites Tribe Remet Metre Meter Biter Meres Mater Beset Beets Biers Birse Ribes Bries Stime Brats Baits Smite Times Mites Items Metis Armet Sabir Abris Maars Trims Amias Maria Maras Atmas Terms Arame Sabra Abate Abase Rabat Baste Abets Taber Sabre Bates Beast Tabes Betas Beats Saber Braes Bears Baser Bares Emits Timer Remit Merit Miter Miser Rimes Marse Mares Ramee Mires Emirs Ameer Mitre Maser Reams Smear Aimer Amies Ramie Sired Resid Dries Rides Deers Drees Redes Treed Deets Steed Deter Seder Reeds Sered Eider Stade Dites Diets Deist Sated Edits Sited Tsade Stead Tides Stied Tried Dates Rated Derat Dater Tared Trade Tired Ditas Triad Staid Raids Dirts Adits Drest Tsadi Reads Tread Rased Aider Eased Aedes Aired Deair Redia Irade Eared Drats Dares Aside Darts Ideas Dears Aides Retie Tiers Tries Rites Tires Trees Stere Steer Terse Reest Siree Resit Reset Ester Irate Arias Raias Atria Riata Raita Stria Stair Sitar Airts Astir Arise Tease Setae Aster Raise Serai Terai Retia Tiara Rates Resat Aerie Erase Saree Arete Stare Tares Tears Eater Tarsi Areae Reata Areas

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Definition of the word Embastardize, Meaning of Embastardize word :
v. t. - To bastardize.

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