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Hippo Graph Phage Opahs Harps Sharp Phial Ralph Plash Aphis Apish Spahi Hopes Aleph Hoper Heaps Phase Shlep Ephor Shape Helps Raphe Ephas Laigh Shogi Plops Girsh Paper Palpi Pipal Gerah Repps Palps Perps Preps Popes Pepos Preop Pepla Props Apple Appel Piper Pipes Selah Shale Leash Helio Share Gripe Sheal Shill Peags Shear Rheas Shiel Heils Pargo Heals Grasp Sprag Hillo Hears Parge Hares Halls Shall Horas Hallo Holla Hoars Pages Gapes Harls Shoal Halos Hills Horal Hairs Hilar Hails Ohias Grips Grope Prigs Sprig Pager Heros Hoers Horse Shore Shoer Hoser Progs Herls Haler Gorps Plage Haole Shorl Glops Lehrs Hello Shire Shier Hires Hells Roshi Heirs Grape Pirog Hoise Hales Galop Shell Gaper Sheol Helos Holes Hosel Poles Slope Proas Praos Lopes Prole Sapor Spile Spore Poise Spiel Prose Repos Poser Plier Pores Peril Piles Ropes Speil Slipe Plies Spire Spell Poler Loper Peris Piers Pries Prise Opals Spier Speir Ripes Paler Parle Pearl Lapse Salep Sepal Pleas Peals Leaps Pales Lapis Pilar Pails Spail Spoil Pilea Lapel Paise Sepia Spale Reaps Spare Rapes Presa Pears Prase Spear Polar Polls Parse Psoae Paseo Pareo Opera Apers Pares Apres Asper Polis Spall Palls Parol Pills Psoai Pairs Paris Prill Spill Large Regal Legal Aegis Argle Glare Lager Agile Sarge Rages Sager Gears Giros Girls Gills Gales Grill Agers Liger Gorse Ogres Gores Goers Loges Ogles Ogler Ragis Largo Agios Sigla Grail Glias Galls Sargo Goals Gaols Goral Argol Algor Glair Logia Glial Argil Solar Rials Rails Liars Losel Ariel Rills Lores Orals Laris Lairs Ileal Arils Liras Orles Lilos Salol Ollas Loral Sorel Roles Loser Loris Laser Lares Earls Lears Rales Seral Reals Arles Liers Lisle Rolls Rille Arose Iller Oiler Oriel Solei Reoil Riels Riles Raise Arise Aisle Roils Serai Aloes Slier Osier

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Definition of the word Ellipsograph, Meaning of Ellipsograph word :
n. - An instrument for describing ellipses, -- called also trammel.

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