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Electrotonus is a scrabble word? Yes (14 Points) Electrotonus has worth 14 Scrabble points.

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Corset Cooers Roscoe Coster Cooter Centos Cornet Croons Contes Ounces Nostoc Colons Consol Uncool Cotton Cornus Cutter Cutest Counts Contos Locust Croton Cloots Clours Colour Colors Clonus Clouts Consul Courts Truces Crouse Source Cotter Course Cerous Rectos Scoter Sector Couter Croute Eructs Rectus Recuts Curets Cruset Octets Cruets Escort Colone Cloner Tercet Secure Cereus Ceruse Recuse Rescue Recons Clones Ceorls Closer Cresol Colter Ocelot Locoes Lucern Uncles Lucent Cooler Terces Secret Select Encore Cenote Elects Tercel Crenel Creole Coulee Creels Censer Screen Cooees Certes Erects Resect Tenrec Recent Secern Center Centre Lector Cornel Reluct Lucres Cuttle Cutler Cutlet Ulcers Colure Oscule Closet Culets Crones Coleus Telcos Censor Runlet Strunt Looter Tenues Enrols Unroot Torous Retool Rootle Tutees Suttee Loosen Tonlet Telson Tenets Loners Lunets Street Setter Looser Nutlet Stolen Tester Retest Outsee Nerols Stereo Trouts Ensoul Tutors Lentos Retuse Outset Toners Tensor Trones Rouens Rotten Tenors Stoner Routes Souter Enroot Nestor Noters Outers Torten Torose Tooter Nutter Unrest Tuners Otters Rottes Tenour Ouster Toters Tortes Teston Stoure Sooner Setout Sterol Lotter Lottes Solute Ostler Truest Tootle Lottos Stolon Orlons Utters Tenuto Touter Sutler Rustle Ulster Turtle Nooser Result Lustre Tousle Tureen Outlet Luster Tooler Retune Resole Eluent Telnet Unreel Nestle Nettle Relets Streel Elutes Settle Letter Relent Leones Enters Ensure Enures Treens Ternes Tenser Nester Tenure Neuter Tenter Netter Renest Resent Rentes

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Definition of the word Electrotonus, Meaning of Electrotonus word :
n. - The modified condition of a nerve, when a constant current of electricity passes through any part of it. See Anelectrotonus, and Catelectrotonus.

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