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Advect Craved Carved Device Voiced Corvid Curved Calved Cervid Advice Active Coeval Avocet Octave Cavort Claver Carvel Alcove Corvet Covert Vector Curvet Culver Velcro Clever Corvee Voicer Clover Victor Veloce Cleave Devout Drivel Overed Advert Evited Delver Devour Varied Dative Reaved Evader Vailed Vialed Vetoed Reived Valued Leaved Vealed Devote Levied Veiled Divert Derive Voider Devoir Liever Curled Cardio Velure Dulcet Varlet Leaver Curdle Valuer Talced Revile Decare Travel Coedit Relive Veiler Ductal Truced Velate Cedula Triced Reclad Eluvia Violet Caudle Credal Direct Verite Credit Eviler Colder Dacoit Cradle Vealer Reveal Levier Codeia Vetoer Volute Traced Deceit Viator Revolt Louver Louvre Velour Revote Recode Redact Crated Ceiled Virtue Outvie Decile Ovular Deicer Valour Caried Carted Reduce Laveer Oeuvre Coiled Docile Delict Clerid Colead Coated Coaled Dacite Deltic Toluic Lictor Reluct Create Ecarte Coiler Relict Curtal Lucite Citole Cuatro Recoil Turaco Cerate Coulee Cereal Tercel Coatee Ocreae Ocular Luetic Rectal Claret Cartel Lacier Lector Eclair Recoat Coater Colure Locate Curiae Aculei Cutler Atelic Coaler Recoal Oracle Coteau Colter Uretic Uracil Aortic Curite Erotic Uratic Curial Rictal Caroli Curate Acuter Lorica Citola Citral Coital Creole Relace Tierce Couter Croute Ceiler Cerite Recite Retold Dilate Detail Relaid Redial Tailed Audile Iodate Roadie Railed Laired Redate Derate Elated Delate Teared Dialer Derail Ariled Eidola Toiled Roiled Autoed Orated Lauder Teledu Dueler Eluder Tuladi Eluted Aulder Dartle Dautie Uredia Tirade Airted Reload Ordeal Loader Leader Dealer Tirled Aedile Aeried Elodea Ideate Rediae Dearie Dilute Rioted Triode Editor Dotier Adroit Teredo Outled Routed Toured Redout Detour Louted Lieder Relied Louder Retied Tiered Ureide Reedit Dieter Oreide Toluid Loured Rutile Oleate Areole Elater Relate Eluate Toiler Etoile Loiter Outlie Retail Retial Tailer Retile Rialto Tailor Torula Ritual

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Viced Coved Caved Cuvee Vicar Vatic Vocal Voice Clavi Calve Clave Carve Caver Curve Evict Civet Cavie Cover Covet Clove Crave Cavil Rived Davit Drive Delve Drave Raved Devel Avoid Valid Laved Divot Lived Devil Voted Roved Drove Veldt Voled Loved Diver Video Deave Eaved Evade Duvet Educe Cadet Deuce Value Viler Laver Ovate Reave Vireo Leave Voile Rivet Vault Deice Acred Vertu Arced Velar Valet Volar Lovat Ravel Alcid Volta Valor Acted Trove Overt Voila Voter Uveal Alive Laevo Creed Viola Raced Ceder Cited Aiver Vitae Cared Edict Cedar Cered Volti Olive Avert Vital Riced Trave Dicer Cried Lover Volte Ovule Viral Rival Cadre Coled Dolce Ervil Liver Livre Cider Revue Revet Evert Revel Laced Decal Lever Elver Clade Cured Dicta Educt Evite Douce Crude Lucid Ludic Acold Dolci Coude Coted Coder Cored Credo Daric Acrid Caird Clued Decor Reive Lieve Virtu Dicot Octad Ducal Cauld Could Ducat Cloud Duroc Telic Creel Recto Relic Oleic Telco Ceorl Cruel Erect Recit Citer Culet Ureic Curie Recti Terce Elect Cutie Lucre Ulcer Trice Recta React Crate Cater Trace Acute Coria Aulic Tical Carte Caret Carle Erica Ceria Areic Clear Lacer Ocrea Eclat Cleat Coati Triac Ileac Taroc Actor Octal Curia Auric Coral Claro Carol Curio Toric Culti Lotic Oculi Cuter Eruct Recut Truce Curet Cruet Court Clout Clour Deter Elder Toled Eider Tried Erode Elude Idler Treed Tiled Oiled Tilde Oldie Elide Etude Edile Older Riled Outed Adieu Tardo Doura Lader Alder Redia Irade Ideal Ailed Eared Droit Oared Tired Aider Aired Deair Adult Tread Drail Liard Laird Trade Tared Oread Adore Dater Derat Rated Lidar Tidal Dealt Delta Dotal Aloud Dural Doula Audit Lated Aroid Dulia Radio Audio Triad Lurid Luted Lured Ruled Trued Doter Trode Uredo Relet Elute Litre Liter Oriel Reoil Oiler Retie Relit Elite Teloi Toile Louie Tiler Outer Taler Ratel Ureal Lutea Later Artel Triol Lirot Alert Alter Oater Outre Route Urate Orate Uraei Aerie Irate Telia Retia Terai Aurei Ariel Elate Laree Telae Arete Eater Ratio Urial Trail Trial Tolar Ourie Utile Ultra Uteri

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Cove Cave Vice Veld Void Dove Deva Dive Vide Vied Avid Diva Duci Cede Clod Duce Cedi Duct Iced Vatu Code Deco Coed Dice Cold Cued Cred Curd Cadi Caid Crud Cord Acid Odic Coda Card Dace Clad Evil Ever Veer Cade Aced Uvea Vera Rave Love Vole Aver Over Veal Vale Leva Lave Vela Rove Vote Levo Vail Arvo Live Veil Vile Ulva Rive Vair Vial Vita Vier Oval Veto Eave Vert Viol Virl Volt Ecru Cute Cult Cure Clot Cote Colt Curl Coil Coir Cero Clue Luce Torc Curt Otic Core Uric Crit Loci Celt Cole Cart Lace Acre Care Laic Ciao Tace Race Cate Cire Lice Rice Cite Etic Ceil Alec Cete Cere Calo Loca Caul Talc Carl Cola Coat Taco Orca Coal Arco Diet Tide Tied Edit Dite Trod Rued Rude Dure Toed Duet Diol Loid Lido Idol Dote Rode Lude Leud Duel Delt Redo Dore Doer Dirl Doit Duro Dour Turd Lode Duit Dirt Dole Lord Loud Told Dolt Ride Dita Adit Date Read Dear Dare Raid Arid Laid Dial Load Trad Drat Dura Dual Daut Dart Laud Road Orad Dato Doat Toad Auld Lard Lead Odea Idle Deet Reed Teed Deil Deli Rede Dree Eide Dele Deer Dere Dale Ired Idea Aide Dire Lade Deal Lied Diel Tolu Lout Rotl Tree Trio Roil Tole Role Orle Lure Rule Tule Lute Lore Rout Lieu Tile Lite Rite Tier Etui Tire Rote Tore Tirl Toil Loti Litu Riot Tiro Roti Lier Lire Rile Rete Euro Riel True Roue Tori Auto Tael Latu Late Real Tale Tola Teal Alto Lota Rato Rota Lour Aloe Tour Earl Tora Rale Lear Taro Oral Tela Lair Lari Liar Lira Aril Rate Urea Tear Tare Rail Rial Toea Airt Aero Iota Tali Alit Lati Tail Ilea Olea Reel Leet Teel Tele Leer Alee

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Definition of the word Edulcorative, Meaning of Edulcorative word :
a. - Tending to /weeten or purify by affusions of water.

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