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Heugh Haugh Heath Heths Harsh Horah Dough Ghast Ghats Sadhe Teugh Ashed Shade Herds Shred Hades Garth Sherd Heads Deash Gerah Aught Ought Huger Shrug Doeth Gursh Saugh Tough Hated Ghost Death Hurds Thuds Ghaut Sough Goths Rough Hoard Shoed Odahs Thugs Sadhu Hadst Heard Shard Hared Horde Hards Hosed Thous South Shout Usher Rheas Haets Hurst Shute Haute Heats Hates Haste Rathe Heart Hurts Hares Ruths Hears Share Earth Hater Shear Horst Short Horse Hoser Heros Hoers Routh Hours Shoer Surah Trash Tahrs Torah Horas Hoars Hosta Oaths Harts Shoat Other Throe Shore Ethos House Those Shote Urged Gored Doges Dregs Godet Gudes Gated Gauds Guard Grads Drags Gourd Egads Degas Drugs Dagos Goads Raged Grade Sudor Duros Turds Durst Dotes Doter Sored Trode Uredo Erugo Rogue Rosed Rodes Rouge Togue Doers Doser Resod Redos Ergot Doest Gorse Ogres Gores Duets Goers Trued Dures Douse Outed Druse Drest Trogs Togae Grout Grots Rages Gears Agers Dauts Adust Duras Drats Darts Gurus Trugs Gouts Gusto Sager Sarge Agues Stage Getas Usage Tegua Gates Rugae Great Grate Gater Retag Targe Auger Terga Toads Doats Derat Dater Reads Rated Tared Dates Tread Trade Rased Dears Adore Oared Dares Oread Sated Stade Roads Dorsa Sarod Tardo Datos Doura Tsade Stead Argue Goats Guest Togas Sugar Augur Guars Gaurs Argus Groat Urges Surge Grues Gator Argot Sargo Rouse Outer Outre Roues Euros Trues Touse Route Rotes Roset Torse Tores Store Ratos Toras Taros Sorta Rotas Orate Stoae Oater Arose Roast Stour Sutra Routs Roust Autos Torus Toeas Stare Tares Resat Tears Aures Saute Urate Ursae Ureas Urase Rates Aster Tours

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Definition of the word Draughthouse, Meaning of Draughthouse word :
n. - A house for the reception of waste matter, a privy.

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