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Domestication is a scrabble word? Yes (18 Points) Domestication has worth 18 Scrabble points.

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Tomcods Monodic Monadic Coadmit Nomadic Condoms Monacid Comedos Demonic Medicos Demotic Miscode Disomic Comates Centimo Tonemic Incomes Mesonic Osmatic Somatic Atomics Oomiacs Miscoin Catmint Miotics Tomcats Scotoma Osmotic Somitic Mitotic Masonic Camions Maniocs Anosmic Comitia Nematic Sematic Titmice Encomia Meiotic Miscite Totemic Cinemas Amnesic Menisci Mantids Daimons Domains Diatoms Amidine Diamine Mattoid Docents Secondo Misdone Mastoid Diamins Mediant Diastem Misdate Sideman Medinas Maidens Medians Domines Monades Masoned Diction Indicts Tandems Conoids Scooted Dominos Daimios Daemons Mindset Emodins Mistend Amidone Domaine Amidins Condoes Descant Codeins Secondi Acnodes Deacons Modiste Decants Misedit Discant Dacoits Scatted Endmost Conidia Distome Omitted Scanted Dominie Coasted Tacnode Noticed Tincted Codeina Deontic Incised Identic Stimied Indices Coedits Cestoid Deistic Incited Candies Dacites Ctenoid Dictate Codeias Diciest Incased Motions Acetins Cineast Acinose Aconite Contest Mitiest Osteoma Eosinic Anomies Nicoise Amniote Imitate Intimae Amities Incites Tomenta Moisten Mestino Sentimo Etatism Smitten Matiest Atomise Atomies Inmates Etamins Tameins Emotion Amosite Noisome Cooties Stomate Mottoes Scottie Coontie Notices Section Tonetic Moonset Cottons Titanic Santimi Animist Ottoman Octanes Costate Coition Taction Mattins Mittens Manitos Atomist Octants Amotion Cations Atonics Actions Intimas Nictate Tetanic Statice Catties Dentist Dotiest Osteoid Distent Stinted Snooted Toadies Ditties Tidiest Inedita Detains Destain Ionised Iodines Tineids Indites Edition Instead Tostado Attends Odonate Donates Notated Distant Toasted Distain Iodates Tainted Nidates Sainted Stained Testoon Atonies Isatine Instate Satinet Toniest Toonies Tootsie Isotone Station Titians Inosite Notates Tiniest

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Comade Medico Minced Medics Modica Comedo Tomcod Condom Cosmid Amidic Mascot Socman Macons Mascon Miotic Sitcom Tomcat Comtes Comets Comose Income Socmen Minces Atomic Mastic Misact Mosaic Oomiac Manioc Manics Mantic Iceman Amices Anemic Cinema Camion Anomic Cameos Aminic Comate Camise Mondos Anodic Dacoit Mantid Canids Nicads Diatom Admits Amidst Daimio Diamin Dicots Domain Octads Conoid Daimon Amidin Dicast Cnidae Codeia Demits Acnode Misted Dacite Canoed Deacon Catted Damson Cadets Imides Condos Codons Denims Minted Monads Nomads Cadent Canted Dances Ascend Matted Coated Decant Masted Modest Coined Codein Demons Mondes Mooned Mooted Daimen Aidmen Maiden Median Medina Cosied Edicts Cisted Coedit Docent Monied Emodin Second Codens Idioms Iodism Domine Citied Demast Costed Indict Amends Moated Domino Desman Tandem Menads Amides Medias Daemon Moaned Matins Amnios Manito Mantis Incite Iciest Cities Monies Mattin Omenta Titman Eonism Incise Saimin Simian Animis Intime Tamest Mattes Intima Tomans Imines Tomato Stamen Aments Mantes Mottos Intact Nastic Coatis Scotia Static Attics Antics Actins Casini Anisic Contos Nostoc Casino Cation Atonic Action Ionics Otitic Cottas Mitten Octant Tincts Cantos Cotans Tocsin Tonics Octans Stacte Cotton Aeonic Casein Ascent Octane Centas Enacts Cottae Costae Stance Secant Oceans Canoes Enatic Centai Acetin Incase Cattie Noetic Oscine Notice Centos Contes Icones Simoon Somoni Conies Cosine Mottes Totems Montes Nicest Cootie Insect Incest Anomie Octets Miseat Monist Misate Inmate Tamein Somite Titmen Samite Etamin Inmost Motets Cestoi Semina Motion Mesian Inseam Amines Animes Indies Inside Iodise Tineid Teiids Tidies Indite Adonis Tasted Danios Stated Atoned Donate Anodes Staned Attend Dattos Donsie Iodine Iodate Nidate Sained Detain Sotted Stoned Sooted Tooted Idiots Iodins Odeons Noosed Toited Todies Noised Onside Teinds Tinted Nodose Ootids Tondos Dittos Ionise Seniti Otitis Teston Otiose Stotin Sitten Toonie Taints Statin Tanist Titans Atones Notate Tisane Tineas Titian Isatin Seitan Tenias Tatsoi

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Domic Demic Medic Maced Amice Comte Comet Comes Mince Mesic Amici Amnic Manic Micas Comas Camos Macon Osmic Acmes Cameo Comae Cames Maces Imido Sodic Midis Moods Sodom Disco Dooms Imids Coned Cited Edict Dices Timed Disci Cedis Dicot Iodic Coden Idiom Midst Mondo Demos Cooed Domes Mooed Condo Monde Codon Mends Codes Deism Scend Coted Misdo Timid Decos Coeds Modes Dimes Demon Minds Disme Denim Aimed Media Amide Caids Cadis Asdic Acids Dicta Codas Imide Medii Octad Nicad Cnida Dance Caned Acned Cades Cased Canid Cadet Acted Daces Mined Tamed Amids Maids Admit Amido Damns Nomad Monad Mated Demit Named Menad Dames Meads Maned Amend Admen Cosie Cines Since Coons Coset Cotes Ontic Escot Tonic Tinct Stoic Sonic Scion Octet Ionic Icons Coins Cions Scent Cents Conto Coots Cesti Cites Scoot Cones Conte Oncet Cento Scone Times Motet Motte Tomes Monte Omens Moose Moste Smote Motes Totem Nomoi Imino Minis Mitis Amies Minae Anime Amine Manes Manse Amens Miens Mines Emits Items Meson Nomes Metis Smite Stime Cesta Taces Cates Caste Scena Enact Motto Tacet Actin Antic Cains Acini Tecta Canes Acnes Canoe Ocean Motts Saice Coati Moots Cotta Mitts Tacos Costa Coast Coats Scatt Tacts Mints Moist Omits Ascot Monos Canso Canto Attic Tacit Cotan Octan Nomos Moons Scant Cants Canst Means Mites Maist Mensa Minas Tamis Mains Amins Animi Amnio Amino Stoma Matts Moats Atoms Toman Soman Manos Nomas Monas Moans Mason Matin Steam Monie Mates Menta Matte Teams Tames Nemas Names Imine Ament Meats Satem Meant Odeon Teiid Stied Eidos Tined Teind Dines Nides Snide Deist Diets Tides Sited Dites Edits Nitid Ditto Idiot Iodin Snood Dinos Tondi Dints Doits Odist Tends Dents Stood Toned Noted Nosed Sonde Ootid Doest Toted Tondo Dotes Nodes Stead Dates Sated Stade Tsade Oidia Staid Tsadi Ditas Adits Danio Adios Anted Sedan Aside Aides Ideas Anode Saned Deans Donas Indie Stand Datto Toads Datos Doats Toots Senti Noise Eosin Nites Atone Neist Inset Anise Entia Tinea Tenia Nisei Snoot Ottos Toons Aeons Intis Titis Totes Oaten Tones Stone Netts Stent Tents Toits Tints Stint Steno Seton Tines Noose Notes Onset Stein Taint Titan Tains Satin Stoai Ostia Iotas Antis Saint Santo Tanto Stoat Toast Stain State Etnas Nates Taste Antes Teats Tates Stane Toeas Stoae Testa Neats

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Mica Mocs Camo Coma Mics Scam Macs Cams Acme Mace Came Come Mice Emic Docs Iced Dice Cedi Cods Dime Idem Deco Coed Code Odic Disc Maid Amid Mead Dame Made Damn Dams Mads Cadi Caid Acid Dace Aced Cade Coda Cads Scad Imid Midi Mind Modi Dims Mids Mend Dome Mode Meds Demo Mods Doms Mood Doom Mise Semi Moot Noms Mons Item Emit Mien Moos Mott Toms Mine Mite Toom Most Mots Moon Meno Nome Omen Mini Tome Mote Stem Some Nims Mono Time Mitt Miso Mint Smit Mist Omit Moat Atom Soma Mats Mast Noma Moan Mano Mans Moas Nema Maes Mesa Name Mean Amen Mane Same Seam Team Tame Meta Mate Meat Mina Main Amin Aims Amis Sima Amie Tams Coni Icon Otic Asci Coin Cain Ciao Cans Scan Tics Ocas Cist Cane Cant Cent Tace Cion Cite Sice Etic Cone Cote Once Ices Nice Sect Cate Case Cine Acne Aces Scat Matt Cost Scot Taco Cats Cast Acts Coat Cots Tact Coot Soca Cons Coos Coon Dots Ados Odas Nods Dons Dost Dato Tads Tods Doat Toad Soda Dona Odea Sade Idea Dean Dita Adit Aide Ands Sand Dans Said Sadi Dais Aids Date Ends Dens Node Done Send Sned Toed Dote Teds Odes Dose Dent Tend Does Dies Ides Nide Dine Deni Side Dite Diet Edit Tide Tied Nidi Dino Dins Dint Doit Dits Nodi Aits Sati Tets Tots Nisi Titi Inti Taos Test Toes Iota Onos Tent Anes Nett Stoa Tote Stet Tits Sett Toea Toit Nota Nits Naos Snit Sane Tats Stat Tans Into Ants Tins Stot Ante Etna Oats Neat Tost Aeon Oast Tint Soon Ions Toot Naoi Ains Snot Teas Anis Seta Sain Tons Teat Oots Sine Soot Tate Inia Site Ties Tine Nite Otto Eats Etas Tain Ones Sone Note Tone Tens Ates Sent Nets East Nest Nose Sate Noes Onto Toon Anti Eons Seat

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Definition of the word Domestication, Meaning of Domestication word :
n. - The act of domesticating, or accustoming to home, the action of taming wild animals.

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