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Deoxy Oxeye Sixty Xysti Exing Oxids Axing Dexie Dexes Sexed Desex Detox Taxed Doxie Oxide Index Nixed Goxes Xenia Taxes Exist Texas Sexto Nixes Axion Exine Taxis Exits Axite Toxin Taxon Sixte Axone Axons Exons Dogey Dingy Dying Sedgy Dynes Toyed Synod Donsy Doyen Deity Yogee Ditsy Styed Seedy Stagy Stogy Yogis Tying Yogin Tangy Sayed Yangs Yogas Needy Eying Toady Today Yagis Sandy Tyned Daisy Sayid Agony Tansy Nasty Antsy Atony Yenta Yeast Ayins Teeny Yente Tyees Tynes Toney Yonis Noisy Nosey Yetis Stony Yeans Geode Sedge Edges Doges Godet Dogie Geoid Dingo Doing Dongs Dings Deign Dinge Dangs Goads Dagos Gonad Donga Gadis Gated Degas Egads Tends Gents Dents Toned Nosed Sonde Noted Stand Segno Siege Gites Tinge Doats Dotes Doest Nodes Toads Datos Donas Eidos Adits Ditas Staid Tined Teind Nides Snide Genie Tsadi Deist Aegis Agone Tides Genoa Stied Anode Diets Dites Edits Singe Sengi Odist Stage Doits Tondi Dints Geste Ogees Tenge Togae Agent Egest Getas Gates Geest Dinos Agene Dines Segni Eased Aedes Genes Genet Sited Steed Deets Gnats Angst Tsade Tangs Stang Aside Staig Gaits Agist Agons Tonga Aides Tango Needs Dense Sedan Diene Anted Ideas Saned Deans Tongs Tings Sting Sated Stade Stead Denes Donee Ingot Dates Togas Goats Tigon Agios Gonia Signa Gains Danio Adios Giant Seton Eaten Onset Steno Notes Seine Stone Tones Enate Setae Tease Eosin Noise Inset Tense Sente Teens Senti Nites Neist Stein Tines Stane Oaten Aeons Atone Neats Nates Antes Satin Iotas Ostia Toeas Stoae Tains Etnas Saint Santo Antis Tinea Tenia Stain Stoai Entia Anise

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Definition of the word Disoxygenate, Meaning of Disoxygenate word :
v. t. - To deprive of oxygen, to deoxidize.

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