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Pacha Pooch Chops Hippo Epoch Chape Peach Cheap Pechs Caphs Chips Pinch Chaps Poach Hoped Ephod Aphid Chide Ached Dacha Chads Aphis Spahi Hopes Opahs Apish Phons Hoops Phase Heaps Phono Ephas Poohs Shape Pasha Cohos Chins Chino Piped Echos Caped Coped Phone Chose Niche Chine Paced Ancho Achoo Chais Chaos Chias Hance Chain China Aches Nacho Chase Chiao Scope Pepos Popes Copes Copse Hoods Coops Nappe Ponce Pisco Spice Apace Spica Aspic Picas Capos Capon Poops Epics Sepic Pecan Scoop Panic Nappa Pipes Papas Copen Ahead Aahed Shend Oohed Hinds Hides Deash Ashed Shied Sidhe Scape Honed Hades Shade Sadhe Heads Honda Hosed Shoed Dashi Hands Space Odahs Capes Paces Pacas Disco Spend Pends Shone Hosen Pooed Spode Codon Condo Sodic Caned Coned Acned Cooed Scend Posed Dopes Pined Spied Dance Decos Siped Dices Codes Coden Coeds Dipso Hansa Ponds Poind Shine Hones Hoise Poods Panda Cedis Podia Padis Sapid Asdic Acids Nicad Ashen Cnida Canid Hanse Shoon Ohias Apods Spado Dopas Caids Cadis Codas Paned Cades Cased Daces Spaed Spade Icons Sonic Scena Coins Canes Coons Paeon Scion Cions Sepia Paise Pions Opsin Paean Apnea Aspen Neaps Pinas Snipe Spine Pians Pains Ocean Piano Canoe Napes Nipas Poise Psoai Pines Poons Snoop Canso Spoon Peins Penis Cains Opine Paisa Napas Psoae Paseo Saice Scone Cones Aecia Acnes Panes Peans Apian Spean Sneap Pones Since Cines Peons Cosie Opens Snood Nosed Sonde Dinos Nodes Odeon Aides Ideas Aside Anode Deans Sedan Saned Danio Adios Donas Naiad Snide Eidos Nides Nadas Dines Anise Aeons Eosin Ansae Anoas Noise Noose

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Definition of the word Diaphanoscope, Meaning of Diaphanoscope word :
n. - A dark box constructed for viewing transparent pictures, with or without a lens.

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