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Deutoplasm is a scrabble word? Yes (15 Points) Deutoplasm has worth 15 Scrabble points.

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Amped Moped Umped Damps Dumps Lumps Stomp Stump Plums Slump Maple Ample Ampul Psalm Palms Plasm Pumas Tamps Stamp Lamps Plume Spume Temps Mopes Poems Tempo Pomes Tumps Dopes Posed Depot Dames Meads Mould Spode Updos Doums Modus Demos Odeum Mused Sedum Domes Modes Pedal Plead Paled Padle Muted Plods Spado Adopt Melds Pated Model Apods Almud Dopas Taped Modal Poled Domal Douma Puled Dolma Medal Mauds Dumas Spued Mated Loped Tamed Opted Molds Datum Duple Spade Spaed Muled Adept Lamed Dupes Pseud Toped Mauts Mules Stoup Lopes Spout Slope Poles Smelt Melts Motel Metol Loams Oleum Louma Molas Lumas Atoms Stoma Moats Plats Splat Moles Mauls Alums Malts Smalt Opals Moste Ulema Metal Topes Stope Poets Meals Males Amole Almes Lames Lapse Leaps Lepta Leapt Loupe Petal Plate Spale Sepal Pales Peals Pleas Salep Setup Stupe Poult Loups Smolt Solum Molts Upset Moult Plots Pleat Palet Paseo Psoae Stupa Sputa Letup Teams Tames Amuse Pulse Pules Spelt Pause Slept Pelts Pouts Taupe Tepas Tapes Pates Paste Peats Septa Spate Tepal Steam Mutes Mouse Estop Pesto Moues Meous Motes Satem Smote Mates Tomes Meats Delts Duels Dulse Luted Slued Ludes Leuds Outed Douse Dotes Duets Dolts Doest Lated Stade Tsade Stead Doats Datos Aloud Toled Dotal Loads Dauts Doula Adust Toads Lauds Duals Doles Lodes Soled Dates Dales Delta Dealt Leads Adult Sated Lades Deals Lased Saute Tules Taels Stela Steal Tales Teals Aloes Tesla Stale Slate Least Touse Setal Lutea Louse Ousel Toles Telos Stole Toeas Stoae Lutes Tolus Louts Lotus Autos Altos Lotas Tolas Talus Sault

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Definition of the word Deutoplasm, Meaning of Deutoplasm word :
n. - The lifeless food matter in the cytoplasm of an ovum or a cell, as distinguished from the active or true protoplasm, yolk substance, yolk.

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