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Fridge Fidget Frigid Forged Gifted Fading Fanged Defang Defrag Foetid Rifted Fantod Adrift Fonder Refund Fondue Funder Redfin Faring Forgat Fating Friend Finder Foined Fugato Forage Refind Forget Fringe Feting Feuing Fedora Dafter Faired Fadein Farted Rafted Firing Finger Figure Turfed Trifid Furane Infare Fainer Finito Forint Unfair Finite Dotage Dogear Augend Unaged Gradin Rogued Gourde Grated Rouged Trudge Togaed Gander Auding Gaited Dating Garden Ranged Danger Tanged Girted Indigo Argued Daring Tiding Riding Nudger Gerund Ground Turgid Ungird Guider During Tonged Drogue Doting Guidon Ganoid Reding Gained Dinger Nidget Tinged Engird Girned Ringed Dieing Aiding Dragon Denari Dautie Atoned Uredia Tirade Airted Donate Ardent Autoed Orated Ranted Unread Iodate Iodine Nidate Roadie Detain Indite Rained Gunite Engirt Toeing Region Goiter Goitre Urgent Gurnet Tongue Tonger Ignore Eringo Tieing Ignite Tiring Origin Trigon Outing Outrig Ungirt Truing Rodent Triode Rioted Editor Enduro Undoer Redout Detour Turned Dotier Untied Rident Ironed Dinero Tidier Tinder Trined United Dunite Inured Routed Toured Untrod Rotund Durion Diuron Nitrid Tineid Ruined Airing Augite Triage Onager Orange Orgeat Garote Garnet Argent Gaiter Regain Reagin Regina Eating Aigret Nougat Ingate Aerugo Guitar Agouti Giaour Around Ourang Ragout Tundra Origan Onagri Oaring Outage Gitano Rugate Taring Rating Gratin Guinea Ordain Inroad Durian Adroit Earing Gainer Auntie Nature Atoner Ornate Uniter Triune Tenour Tonier Orient Norite Tinier Retain Retina Ratine Aroint Ration Nutria Outran Turion

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Fidge Fudge Defog Fadge Gonif Fungi Fugio Fagin Fired Fried Fiord Ganef Grift Fungo Fogie Grief Unfed Gonef Feign Found Frond Drift Forge Fagot Fundi Ganof Graft Gofer Fiend Fined Fondu Fetid Fader Fared Defat Fated Draft Fraud Finer Infer Feint Unfit Furan Fruit Front Futon Fount Ofter Forte Infra Fetor Refit Often Feria Frena Afire Afrit Afore Faint Feuar After Dogie Deign Dinge Nudge Guide Gored Godet Urged Ridge Gride Dirge Geoid Raged Grade Gourd Gated Rigid Digit Grind Doing Dingo Gonad Donga Guard Grand Redon Drone Aroid Adorn Trode Radio Groin Tigon Doter Tried Ingot Noted Audio Under Audit Trued Tuned Tendu Nuder Toned Iring Trend Giron Outed Uredo Tinge Goner Genro Tiger Renig Reign Doura Tardo Genii Oidia Radii Danio Rogue Erugo Ergot Rouge Togue Tegua Round Donut Daunt Tired Radon Droit Indri Nitid Idiot Tondi Andro Rugae Auger Regna Agent Genua Range Anger Agone Genoa Togae Targe Terga Argue Retag Great Gater Grate Iodin Triad Grout Nadir Oread Grant Guano Gonia Oared Indie Orang Aired Aider Adore Gaunt Anted Garni Ungot Tragi Derat Rated Ruing Unrig Groan Argon Dater Tared Trade Tango Tonga Grain Giant Tread Grunt Organ Deair Ranid Dinar Teind Tined Gator Indue Nudie Adieu Griot Trigo Groat Anode Diner Redia Teiid Redan Irade Guiro Drain Argot Denar Noria Rouen Trone Ourie Rutin Untie Niter Inter Nitre Trine Urine Inert Trona Unite Irone Tauon Nitro Toner Tenor Noter Train Riant Nairu Outer Intro Uteri Outre Route Torii Tuner Atone Oaten Orate Oater Antre Urate Uraei Inure Ratio Entia Tenia Tinea Terai Aurei Retia Irate

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Definition of the word Defiguration, Meaning of Defiguration word :
n. - Disfiguration, mutilation.

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