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Lamby Balmy Ambry Barmy Maybe Embay Beamy Baldy Badly Dormy Moldy Dauby Madly Bayed Derby Mayed Beady Bayou Beryl Malty Boyar Marly Mylar Yerba Barye Belay Dumbo Boyla Bluey Demob Melty Muley Burly Butyl Mealy Loamy Motey Etyma Matey Meaty Buyer Rebuy Borty Moray Mayor Atomy Tryma Outby Ready Delay Layed Leady Lyard Deray Redly Yauld Rayed Deary Omber Umbra Brume Ombre Rumba Umber Lardy Brome Odyle Yodel Yodle Album Aboma Dorty Bream Embar Amber Toady Toyed Abeam Blume Umbel Adyta Today Tyred Amble Blame Ameba Tardy Madre Lubed Early Relay Tamed Mated Lobed Blued Layer Leary Yurta Almud Modal Tubed Royal Doubt Datum Douma Mudra Domal Dolma Teary Orbed Robed Redub Debut Dream Lyart Bored Barde Ardeb Adobe Bared Beard Debar Bread Abode Blade Baled Abled Bated Daube Mould Dobla Derma Board Broad Dobra Baaed Damar Drama Alary Toyer Tuyer Truly Loury Model Muled Medal Lamed Armed Muted Mured Demur Odeum Moult Turbo Tumor Buteo Tuber Blurt Mural Louma Larum Amort Amour Brute Buret Rebut Oleum Botel Boule Bluer Roble Rubel Ruble Lemur Motel Metol Muter Metro Butle Morel Bluet Ramet Moral Tabor Boart Abort Labor Boral Bolar Lobar Bloat Tubal Ulema Metal Realm Morae Mater Armet Lamer Amole Tubae Beaut Malar Alarm Alamo Ramal Tamal Aroma Ulama Arame Tabla Labra Abate Rabat Blear Blare Baler Blate Bleat Taber Table Abler Tamer About Molar Ruled Lured Toled Older Doter Trode Luted Delta Lated Dealt Oared Oread Adore Lader Alder Outed Trued Uredo Dotal Aloud Tardo Doura Doula Dural Adult Dater Derat Tread Trade Tared Rated Areal Alter Artel Alert Ratal Artal Altar Ultra Aurae Outer Aorta Lutea Tolar Outre Route Oater Talar Alate Aural Reata Laura Orate Ureal Urate Later Taler Ratel

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Definition of the word Deambulatory, Meaning of Deambulatory word :
a. - Going about from place to place, wandering, of or pertaining to a deambulatory.

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