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Forcer Forces Fresco Fucose Crofts Factor Francs Farces Farcer Facers Facets Crafts Confer Fauces Faucet Succor Crocus Occurs Concur Soccer Cercus Stucco Cruces Sconce Accuse Corsac Accost Accrue Scarce Cancer Accent Coacts Cactus Surfer Feuars Strafe Fronts Faster Afters Fasten Furane Furans Rafter Frater Unsafe Soften Fortes Farers Funest Futons Forest Founts Fetors Furore Softer Furors Frusta Foster Foetus Nectar Cranes Sector Nacres Rances Escort Coster Carnet Canter Rectos Centra Corset Scoter Oceans Canoer Cornea Cornet Curets Cruset Counts Cruets Cornus Rectus Recuts Eructs Cruors Octane Canoes Crouse Recons Crones Cerous Caners Censor Course Curter Recurs Courts Cursor Curser Curers Source Couter Croute Casern Costar Octans Scrota Tarocs Castor Actors Acuter Curate Acutes Recant Cotans Soucar Contes Coteau Ounces Cuesta Centos Turaco Cantos Corner Cuatro Saucer Carers Curran Cantus Uncast Crater Tracer Crates Carets Curare Caster Caters Reacts Recast Carrot Trocar Racers Cesura Toucan Scarer Traces Carter Causer Cartes Cornua Stance Secant Enacts Racons Usance Uncase Centas Ascent Acorns Tanrec Trance Narcos Coarse Contra Cantor Craton Truces Costae Corers Carton Coater Rancor Rector Crores Scorer Recoat Stoner Tenors Tensor Toners Trones Rouens Sorner Stoure Retorn Noters Nestor Routes Souter Snorer Outers Tourer Soarer Unseat Nature Oaters Orates Arouse Osetra Sterna Astern Storer Atones Ornate Snarer Errant Antres Ranter Rouser Sourer Urates Tenour Router Unrest Tuners Resort Urares Raster Rarest Arrest Raters Starer Terras Tarres Atoner Senora Retros Roster Sorter Reason Arseno Rasure Tronas Return Turner Reruns Nurser Ouster Outran Tauons Rostra Santur Sartor

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Franc Scarf Craft Facts Force Scurf Curfs Focus Faces Facet Cafes Farce Croft Facer Cusec Cosec Secco Cocas Crocs Occur Coact Feast Frore Fount Ferns Feats Futon Front Often Fores Ofter Fonts Forte Fetor Froes Softa Farts Rafts Frats Fatso Sofar Fanos Snarf Turfs Furan Faros Snafu Fauns Tufas Fates Furor Forts Frost Tofus Fours Fetas Farer Frons Fanes Afore After Feuar Fares Fears Safer Frena Fetus Frets Coset Scent Centu Cents Ounce Cento Conte Oncet Corer Score Corse Cores Ceros Crore Scone Cones Recur Crest Curer Recto Crone Recon Cotes Escot Coats Coast Ascot Taroc Costa Tacos Actor Orcas Octan Cotan Carns Narcs Scant Cants Canst Carrs Scuta Carts Crura Scart Arcus Scaur Canto Canso Carer Ocrea Enact Scena Racer Acres Escar Carse Cares Canes Acnes Canoe Ocean Caner Rance Nacre Crane Races Scare Cause Taces Cesta Sauce Acute Racon Narco Acorn Cates Caste Carte Caret Serac Cater Crate Trace Recta React Currs Crust Scout Cutes Scute Curst Curns Eruct Cuter Recut Truce Corns Court Uncos Conus Count Cruor Cunts Cornu Torcs Scorn Scour Curet Cruet Ecrus Curse Sucre Cures Cruse Sorta Taros Rotas Aeons Atone Roast Toras Torse Rerun Nerts Etnas Unset Antes Oaten Ratos Saner Nears Snare Toner Trone Nares Earns Sorer Reran Noter Tenor Roars Antre Surer Ruers Sutra Truer Roset Tones Stone Touse Senor Onset Seton Steno Route Outre Outer Rouse Roues Autos Snore Rotes Nates Rouen Notes Surra Trues Euros Aster Tores Store Rates Resat Tears Tares Stare Tuner Tarre Rater Arson Terra Urare Retro Torrs Aures Snout Tonus Nurse Terns Stern Saute Rents Snort Urate Ureas Urase Ursae Runes Runts Turns Roans Sonar Routs Stour Aunts Arose Tarns Trans Torus Usnea Tunas Stane Tours Rants Oater Santo Rears Trona Raser Rares Stoae Orate Toeas Roust Tauon Tunes Neats

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Definition of the word Counterscarf, Meaning of Counterscarf word :
n. - The exterior slope or wall of the ditch, -- sometimes, the whole covered way, beyond the ditch, with its parapet and glacis, as, the enemy have lodged themselves on the counterscarp.

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