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Counterbalance is a scrabble word? Yes (20 Points) Counterbalance has worth 20 Scrabble points. Each letter point as below.

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Buccal Baccae Rubace Cobalt Carbon Corban Beacon Bounce Accrue Cancer Cercal Corbel Carcel Boucle Cabler Accent Cablet Coerce Cobnut Occult Concur Cancel Cancan Calcar Cloaca Caecal Bacula Anlace Relace Aboral Cereal Enlace Abator Reluct Acetal Rabato Cutler Ablaut Bateau Arable Canter Cantor Carnet Centra Recant Nectar Octane Cornea Nuance Canner Contra Carton Canoer Tanrec Trance Curtal Acuter Curate Ocular Colure Cannot Canton Coater Recoat Coteau Ancone Craton Ecarte Create Ablate Toucan Lancer Cannel Cerate Coatee Recane Careen Cetane Tenace Ocreae Cantle Cental Locate Recoal Cartel Claret Cornua Rectal Oracle Coaler Cuneal Lancet Lacune Launce Unlace Abater Lector Actual Enable Conner Catalo Beaten Lacuna Baleen Cunner Nocent Arcane Beater Boatel Boreal Lobate Oblate Labret Unbale Unable Rebate Berate Butler Canula Nebula Cantal Brunet Bunter Unrobe Bourne Unbent Tenrec Burnet Nuncle Unbolt Brulot Cornel Cloner Croute Couter Bonnet Recent Unborn Lucern Burton Lucent Cornet Center Centre Cenote Encore Tercel Aerobe Nobler Treble Turban Crenel Creole Catena Arbute Belter Colter Unbelt Enrobe Labour Butene Cuatro Turaco Tabour Brutal Rubato Acuate Borane Carate Banter Unbear Urbane Bannet Banner Bolete Nebule Rouble Carnal Canola Coulee Bennet Borate Rebato Bolter Boreen Boater Butane Natron Nonart Outran Torula Nounal Eluent Unreel Relent Lenten Aortae Tenour Laurae Aurate Unrent Annual Tonner Neuron Areola Lanate Turnon Untorn Anneal Aerate Atonal Antral Anuran Retune Tenure Neuter Tenner Rennet Tureen Ronnel Ranula Anural Tarnal Runlet Aortal Runnel Tunnel Neater Entera Neaten Oleate Areole Elater Unreal Eluate Eluant Antler Learnt Neural Rental Tolane Lunate Lanner Loaner Etalon Reloan Tanner Relate Atoner Nature Ornate Lateen Leaner

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Bacca Bocce Bract Coact Bunco Cobra Bacon Carob Recce Cecal Celeb Rebec Coble Barca Cuber Cabal Occur Bronc Acerb Brace Carbo Banco Caber Caeca Cacao Cable Eruct Recut Terce Erect Truce Clone Centu Recto Octal Ounce Oncet Cento Conte Culet Actor Ancon Canon Taroc Court Curet Cruet Cuter Recon Ceorl Cruel Lucre Cornu Octan Ulcer Nonce Elect Clout Creel Coral Telco Cotan Canto Clour Racon Acorn Narco Crone Count Uncle Buran Ruble Bluet Rubel Butle Bonne Bento Beton Borne Boner Abele Bluer Botel Table Beano Roble Blent Taber Bleat Blate Abler Boule Claro Blare Blear Brent Aceta Areca Canal Coala Canna Craal Rabat Tabla Burnt Abate Brunt Banal Labra Carat Bourn Buret Rebut Brute Buteo Tuber Blunt Blurt Turbo Beaut Baler Clear Carle Lance Lacer Cleat Nance Eclat Clean Betel Tabor Boart About Tubae Leben Canoe Ocean React Crate Cater Recta Trace Carol Acute Carte Caret Crane Caner Nacre Rance Ocrea Enact Abort Rebel Beret Tabun Bloat Lobar Labor Urban Unbar Baron Unban Baton Tubal Brant Boral Noble Belon Bolar Benne Nonet Tuner Tenon Outer Tenor Toner Trone Rouen Noter Outre Route Tonne Treen Leone Elute Relet Enrol Enure Loner Nerol Lunet Lento Rente Enter Terne Unlet Telae Eaten Ranee Arene Enate Arete Anole Alone Eater Elate Laree Anele Learn Renal Anent Lutea Ureal Atone Oaten Orate Oater Antre Taler Ratel Ulnae Alate Laten Alert Alter Later Artel Artal Altar Lauan Ratal Talar Alane Laura Aural Natal Alant Antae Arena Anear Reata Aurae Areal Annal Antra Ratan Areae Aorta Ruana Urate Leant Talon Tolan Tonal Notal Loran Lunar Ulnar Tolar Ultra Annul Trona Tauon

4 Letter word, Total 238 words found made out of Counterbalance

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Definition of the word Counterbalance, Meaning of Counterbalance word :
v. t. - To oppose with an equal weight or power, to counteract the power or effect of, to countervail, to equiponderate, to balance.

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